Freedom to Travel

So… do YOU have the freedom to travel as and when you want to?

When we talk about travel – we refer to Vacations!
Not those business trips or field trips that you have to work for in exchange for something in return.
Vacationing for fun, pleasure, peace and joy.

Chances are… most people do not have that kind of freedom.


Choose which one of the category below you belong to:
1. You have got the money to travel, but no time.
2. You have got the time to travel , but no money.
3. You have got NO TIME AND NO MONEY.

What if now… there is an option for us to have the best of both worlds?


Both time & money
To travel on vacations…
With our family and friends…
Create peak life experiences…
And get paid to do it all at the same time?


First of all, agree with us on this – why do people have got no time to travel?

Majority of the people around the world has an employment – a job.
With that particular job,
Do you have the freedom to choose when to do whatever you like?
Do you have to seek permission from someone before you can travel for a vacation?

You have a choice to stay and comply or… leave.
Most people stay.


Money security?
You need to put food on the table, fund for family’s expenses if not just your own.

These are called “Residual Bills” !!

You are billed every single month, your electricity bills, house loans, mortgage payments, car payments, groceries, food, transport fares, cell phone bills, credit card bills etc. etc!


There have been posts on this site talking about employee quadrant and self-employed quadrant, which one do you belong to?

Wait, before you jump into business, investments, real estate and all.
How would it sound to you if your life were like this…


Your so-called office is on the beach. Or like this… ?


Or better still…

Together with family and loved ones…


Have exquisite meals and unique experiences together such as…

Having romantic dinner at Paris?


Or do some crazy FUN stuff like…

Hydro Jetting?


Visit Santorini, Greece for the best Sunset Spot?

Santorini Greece

Or Bali, Indonesia beach resort?


Pretty cool isn’t it?

So why not you?
You deserve the best in your life.
You deserve to get what you want.
You deserve to do what you want in life.

You definitely deserve more money in you life.


Did you know that there is a way for you to get paid while on a vacation?

Oh you didn’t know that you can go on holidays, have lots of fun, make lots of friends and still get paid all the same or even more than what you could possibly ever imagined?

There is a term called “Travelpreneur” where you travel on vacations and get paid to do so.

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