Business Insights on Travel Industry

Inspired by recent endorsement of a global travel club from Malaysia’s Minister for Domestic Trade and Consumerism, Hamzah Zainudin, I would like to re-inspect the economic benefits of travel and tourism on countries. Despite Brexit making big news across international tabloids, it seems that the travel industry has no intentions of slowing down still. Not Tony … More Business Insights on Travel Industry

Launch Day!

  Hello all, we are up and running for our latest development! money and travel has now been upgraded to a full website with a pack load of useful and valuable information – specifically to help young adults in the region in finance topics and travel discussions! You can now check us out at: Website … More Launch Day!

Something is coming…

If you have been wondering why Money and Travel has been pretty quiet these days, firstly, we apologize. It is mainly because, Faith and I, had been working on something big over the past few months. We had been working round the clock non-stop to give our best efforts and bring THAT SOMETHING, to you! … More Something is coming…

Identifying Your Worth

Faith and I had been coming up with a whole series of posts and guide over the past weeks to bring our travel experiences to our readers, which I thought it is about time to share something related to “Money” as well.   Today, we discuss about your worth! I learnt this particular topic fairly … More Identifying Your Worth

2014 in review

We thank everyone who have been following us, showing your love and walk alongside with us! In this upcoming year, we will be transiting to a whole brand new look and a site that is way more streamlined, more focused than ever. We will also be adding SO MUCH more value to readers in both … More 2014 in review

Carousell: The Platform for Entrepreneurs

Assuming a 19-year-old student decides to have some fun while studying, he searches within the virtual market and goes through the listings to observe a particular pattern in demand. Locating the desired industry and products that he is personally passionate about, knows a thing or two about them and recognizes them as profitable, he starts thinking … More Carousell: The Platform for Entrepreneurs

Key Considerations Before Joining a Network Marketing Company

We mentioned in “6 Types of Part-Time Business” that one of six options is getting into a network marketing company. So what are some of the key considerations to ponder over before you join one? #1 : Why? It might seem really straightforward, but this consideration is critical. It can greatly affect your chances of success. Ask … More Key Considerations Before Joining a Network Marketing Company