Partnering Up


First up, thank you for supporting Faith and I, in our pursuit for true freedom. We believe that through travelling experiences, the application of good financial knowledge and continuous personal development, one can achieve freedom.

We continuously work on concepts that empower people and ways to impact humanity positively in a massive way.

If you are looking at partnering up with Faith and I, here are some of the things we can do for you.


  1. Written Reviews / Social Media Posts
    We do reviews of restaurants, hotels, services and mobile applications related to money and travel.
  2. Personal Finance Coaching
    We have over 4 years of experience partnering up with millionaires and investors to help educate the public about financial literacy.
  3. Life Coaching
    Having continuously and constantly hanging out with successful entrepreneurs, we have learnt from some of the industry’s best and found out that there are common habits and traits that could rapidly produce the result if you work on it diligently.
  4. Our Main Business
    Together with some of the sharpest minds on earth, we are co-creating an ecosystem that is so unique and multi-dimensional, we believe there is a golden opportunity in our hands that has the potential to surpass Facebook and Amazon – combined.
    If you sincerely want to partner up with us on our main game (that has enabled us our freedom), there is a series of criteria to be met. Because we take this so seriously, we want to focus our time on committed individuals and expand this concept across the globe. Feel free to drop us a message to inquire more about the criteria before committing to this life-changing idea.