Trip to Oz – Part 3

In the last post, we talked about how we landed up in Kings Cross, which according to a friend who stays there, not a great choice. There were some great shots, of course, and you can find them in our latest gallery page. Nevertheless, DeVere Hotel is officially a 3 stars hotel but it definitely gave off a very vintage vibe to it. The passenger lift resembles those old lifts in Hong Kong dating back more than a few decades ago which only allows a maximum of 5 people in it (according to my estimate). So if you are not Asian-sized, or rather, if you are big then be prepared to climb up the stairs.

Chairs in our room were so dusty that we would only place our bags on them, only to dust it off later. Not exactly a place you would want to sit, honestly. And the aircon in the room was placed near the floor. It was really vintage as you can imagine by now. Sorry, but things got to the extent that we didn’t want to take photos of the room. In any case, we are fortunate enough to say it was only a night’s stay there before we had to fly to Gold Coast the next morning.


So according to our friend, and our recent search online, Kings Cross is actually a red light district in Sydney. We didn’t know before booking and now we know!

Anyway, we didn’t spend a lot of time in the hotel room. Almost within the next hour, we were out on our way to visit the iconic Sydney Opera House up close, in person.


The nearest station is Circular Quay and from the platform, we were able to see two of Australia’s famous icons – The Sydney Opera House and The Sydney Harbour Bridge. Capturing the both of them in one shot is priceless!


Around this area, there are many operators that offers cruises and whale watching tours etc. So you might want to catch an outgoing cruise out into the ocean and chase after some whales. We did ours in Gold Coast, which we will cover in the upcoming posts.

Round the corner and within walking distance, there is also The Museum of Contemporary Art. We didn’t go in though, since we were trekking our way to The Sydney Harbour Bridge. It was quite an adventure and along the way we found other small little heritage sites that were preserved and they often provide free in-house tours.


Sydney Harbour Bridge offers a vantage view from the top. While it is within walking distance from Circular Quay, it might take a bit of trial and error, and tons of asking before reaching it. Sydney Harbour Bridge also gives tourists the option to do the bridge climb, accessible right before you encounter the main entrance to Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you have the budget and time to do so, go for it!


What happens after visiting Sydney Harbour Bridge? We met up with Faith’s friend who was studying in Sydney, enjoying the rest of night with Vietnamese Pho and Korean Bingsu!