Trip to Oz – Part 2

dsc_1820Hey guys! Continuing from the previous post, after we have reached Sydney Airport (SYD), our next destination would be to check into “DeVere Hotel”. Not the most fantastic hotel around, but we will get to that. Meanwhile, here are some of the things to look out for, just as you arrive at SYD.

We decided to take the train and along the way, we noticed that we could get the Opal card at the train station. For 2 person’s card, we paid AUD 80.00 via our credit card. If we did not remember wrongly, the counter staff did not accept cash.

Faith and I also noted that the deduction in our cards, during our journey from the Airport to Sydney downtown, was about AUD 17.00 per person. 

The Opal Card
The Opal Card for local transportation

The nearest train station to DeVere Hotel is the Kings Cross Station. With that, the route that we took was first to Central then to Kings Cross Station. Central station basically acts like a link to many other routes and so when we went underground, it was like a maze connecting to various platforms. It might seem a little confusing at first, but rest assure with the signs on the platform and the helpful staff around, you should be fine even if you do not have WiFi access.

Kings Cross Station

On that note, on this trip, we brought along a portable WiFi device – sponsored by my sister to test things out. That device can last up to 8 hours on a single charge and connects up to 5 devices. The limitation that was evident to us, was that it only allowed connections up to a certain distance. Meaning to say, firstly you would have to carry the WiFi device with you everywhere and secondly, if your partner separates away from you too far apart, he or she will not be able to maintain connectivity.

Central Train Station
Central Train Station

What we did:
We only power up the WiFi Device whenever we needed connection. Of course you could also bring along a portable power bank, and mind you that adds on to your overall travelling weight. Next, Faith and I stuck together most of the times. With that, we could still upload our photos to Instagram every now and then.

Upon reaching Kings Cross Station, if you are heading to DeVere Hotel, like we did – then exit via Victoria Street. I was just looking at the map again while writing this post and trust me, this is where Faith comes in. I still couldn’t find DeVere Hotel on the map! She found it during our time there. I’m posting the photo up and see if you can find where on earth is DeVere Hotel on that map!


Anyway, you should encounter MacDonald’s along the way and we did check out MacDonald’s eventually to see the difference in menu as compared to the ones in Singapore and Taiwan. In the next post, we will share a little more about our adventure in Sydney. We will also talk a little about DeVere Hotel and why we wouldn’t recommend it to you guys. (Hint: We are quite pampered by now, such that poor quality rooms do not earn our admiration.)

*AND – We didn’t know about Kings Cross prior to our booking! Until our friend in Sydney laughed at us for booking a hotel room at Kings Cross. You might want to do more research prior to your trip. Alternatively, if you like to have a hassle-free trip, enjoy VIP services but pay backpack prices, drop us a private message and we will point you to the right source.


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