Back! With Trip to Oz

Hey guys, it has been a while since we launched our website and decided to streamline things before publishing the website again. In the meantime, we will still be posting our traveling experiences here. Of course we had other trips between last year April till this year (2016).

As of now, we will kick things off with our most recent trip and boy I must say we are still excited about our trip to OZ!

If you have noticed carefully by now, most of our trips will include many first-times for us. Faith and I are the kind of the people that would look forward to experience as many new stuff as possible. We are still in our twenties but like one of our friends on Facebook mentioned, it’s never too young to start checking off our #bucketlist items.

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June 2016 – Land of Oz


All smiles on board, with my dear baby sister sending Faith and I off. That was after we got a scare. A huge one actually. All 3 of us didn’t know that we had to apply for Visa to visit Australia! Here I thought Singaporean Passport ranks among the best passports in the world and only to find out that we are required Visa into Australia!?

Thankfully, it has always been our habit to be on-time or early for all our schedules. The Visa costed us SGD $45.00 each when we applied on the spot – before checking in at the flight counter again. You could imagine our horror when we were told to produce our Visa previously.

Still, luckily, we managed to get onboard our flight to Sydney. Phew!!!


I got a few shots from the sky about 4 – 5 hours into the flight. Beautiful earth! I love it!


Oh by the way, our total flight time was about 7 hours.


And that’s why everyone should travel. When we travel,  and truly take time out to appreciate things around us, we realize how beautiful life is. With every traveling experience, we grow in multiple ways and appreciate life more.

A little bit of a cliffhanger here, and so stay tuned for our next post on what happened in Sydney. This trip had been a fairly long one so there are plenty of things to write about! On the next post then!

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