Accommodation Review: Rome Boutique Hotel (TH, Pattaya)

**Updated: 18 April 2015 **

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Rome Boutique Hotel is a fairly good choice if you are looking for something different. That being said, with its romantic elements, we would say that this newly opened hotel is more suitable for couple stay.


There are no buses or trains. The only way you can get to the hotel is via a Song Tiow, a motorbike, a taxi or by foot. You would need to develop some keen eyes to spot the signboard as it was hidden amongst a couple of other signboards.

Room and facilities

We booked the Deluxe Room via Rovia again! We chose Rome Boutique Hotel because the rooms looked really lovely on the website! Bright, white and huge. Like this:

Needless to say we have a high expectation for our 2 night stay! We were assigned Room 2101 which was on the ground floor next to the pool.

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– Spacious
– Basic necessities provided including a safe, a mini fridge, telephone, dvd player, tv and wifi access
– Friendly english speaking staff with good service. Always greeting us with a smile!
– There is a pool and a pool-side bar which we never got to use because of our tight schedule. We woke up early to go for our training and return after they close the pool and bar.

– Dirty! It was unfortunate we did not captured a photo of our feet but they were black within 5 minutes of walking about the room. There were no intention of providing any disposable in-door slippers either. As such we had to move around the floor in our footwear

– Dirty again! There were spider webs in the toilet ceiling. We could clearly see the webs glittering when we turn on the shower. In fact we saw many spider webs around the entire place (the hotel, not just the room).

– One of the biggest nay was definitely the way the toilet is built. First of all, there was no floor trap. So God knows where the water is flowing to. Secondly, people can peep into the bathroom from the outside because there are gaps in the window decal. See below illustration for easy understanding!

floor plan illustration

The window decal we were talking about!

– The box above the bed you saw in the photo earlier houses the circuit breakers. That was a big no-no.

– The air condition is controlled with a switch as shown below. It was kind of old-school.



In order to find proper food, you probably need to go to other streets. According to our observations, there were only a 7-11 across the street and a Family Mart next to the hotel.


Other than possible peeping toms, the lobby basically operates 24 hour. Hence, you can say that at least someone is up to keep a lookout for any incidents. The street was generally quite quiet at night and in the early morning though. So it is advisable to stay aware of your surroundings.

Other useful information

Address: 146/8-9 Moo 10, Thappraya Soi 1, Nongprue, Chonburi 20150

Deposit: 1000baht

Contact no.: +66 (0)38 250 996