An Unforgettable Road Trip to Thailand Day 5

We are sadly down to the last part of our series of post on the unforgettable road trip to Thailand D: We hope you have had a lot of fun reading! Now, for the last part…

It was time to set off to the convention centre for the last day of training! As usual, we woke up early, filled our stomach and was trying to flag down a Song Tiow by the street. However, it was hard to get one because every Song Tiow that passed by us were filled with passengers – needless to say they were people from our blue family! After about 15 minutes wait, an empty Song Tiow drove towards us. The driver offered 200 baht for two people to get to the convention centre which is less than 10 minutes away from where we were staying! Over here, please allow us to share a few tips we used to bargain with these throat cutting Song Tiow drivers!

TIP #1: Always counteroffer a deal that is below half of that was offered

With that, we counteroffer 60 baht for 2 people. You might find it ridiculous and that we are probably too stingy. However, trust us. 99% of the time, people are trying to get the most out of you. So instead of being stingy, try to see it as being street smart (; Haha. Of course, the first reaction from the driver was rejection. He then drove off and here is the second tip.

TIP #2: Access the situation. If the other party’s loss is greater than yours. Keep your posture

When he drove off, we did not get affected. We simply went back to flag other Song Tiow. You bet, he may have driven off but not far. Not far at all. He was observing us from a distance. Shortly, he reversed back to us and did another counteroffer – 100 baht. “Last offer” he said. Lastly, our third simple tip.

TIP #3: Think of creative ways to negotiate

100 baht was still too much in our opinion. As such, we too put out our last offer, “80 baht last call. If you do that we will give you a piece of vital information when we are at our destination.” That was how we had a closed deal. Upon reaching, we revealed our information. It was nothing much. We simply shared with him the lunch break and ending time in our program and that there will be hundreds of people looking for Song Tiow.

And so, we continued with the last day of our power packed training! It was unfortunate that we had to leave early to catch a plane because Kenneth was due for reservist the next day. In order to facilitate our journey to the airport, we had engaged a vehicle from an online Pattaya transport service before our trip. Our flight was departing at 8pm hence check in time would commence at 6pm and the journey from Pattaya to Bangkok would take us 2hr. We had arranged the transport to pick us up at the convention centre at 4.30pm. However, there was no sign of the driver by 5pm. We were getting anxious and in the rush of time, decided to grab a taxi by the road. To no surprise, they were trying to ‘rob’ us in daylight again. They put forward 2000 baht when we could have paid 1000 baht if the driver had came as arranged. As usual, we slashed the price down to 1000 baht and they instantly counter-proposed 1200 baht.

We used “they” because many taxi and Song Tiow drivers were gathered outside in a group. Feeling both uncomfortable and urgent, we accepted their offer. Things did not end here. The drivers outside the convention centre were unwilling to drive us on a fare of 1200 baht so instead they went back to the heart of the city to get a fellow driver who was willing to take up this assignment. 15 minutes passed, no sign of the driver. We were prepared to go to the main street to get another taxi but were stopped by the group of drivers, almost with physical contact. They kept urging us to stay put and wait. Naturally, we grew agitated but we had to be careful with our actions as not to provoke any episodes to further delay our plan. At about 5.30pm, the driver finally arrived and we got on our way. Once again, we prayed that things will flow smoothly from now on and we would depart as planned. We were worried that there would be jams or even human crowd at the airport immigration point. Luckily, everything was smooth sailing and we got back home safely.

To conclude this series of posts, we would like to thank you for your support. This had been a very rewarding trip where we were put in all kinds of tricky situations, had all kinds of challenges as well as moments to be grateful about. Well as always, we encourage couples to travel together! Till then, take care our friends! Cheers 😀