An Unforgettable Road Trip to Thailand Day 4

Good Men Go To Heaven, Bad Men Go to Pattaya

I first heard that saying when I was performing a transaction with a customer that I’ve never met before, and so we had a small conversation. He got to know that we were heading to Pattaya and he gave me a grin, “Good men go to heaven, bad men go to Pattaya!”

At that point of time, I’ve got absolutely no idea what he meant and why did he say that. It wasn’t the first time I have been to Pattaya, but never did I come across this saying yet. As a kid, my family brought us there for para-sailing and some shooting games. Till this date, I retained pretty good impression of that para-sailing experience.

As you might have guessed, on this trip we found out where that saying originated from, or at least that’s where we found it. You got it (hmm, how did you know!?).

Walking Street.

Probably the most well-known “attraction” in Pattaya – to the locals and tourists. Right after our high energy and positively charged event, our stomachs began to growl in hunger, urging us to pour some dinner in to nurse it quickly. There we go, agreeing to share the transport with some of our friends, we arrive at the infamous walking street. At first glance from the end, Walking Street boasts a beautiful night view beside the sea. Intrigued by the sight and cooling sea breeze, we took a quick selfie before we explore the depths of this frequently mentioned location.


As we step into that broad lane, lined on both sides were seafood restaurants, bars, pubs and night entertainment spots. Given my nature, back in Singapore even, at the best I have only been to pubs and clubs a few times. Both Faith and I have never been to the night scenes, which upon sight, Walking Street became an eye opener for me. Of course, at the expense of my very cute and jealous girl who nearly discard my hand more than a couple of times. I explained this is part of the travelling experience, to go out there and really see the world!

And I am glad we came here as a couple. There were many promoters roaming around the street, soliciting business from tourists and some even resort to physical contact, literally pulling customers for their shows. We recommend that children under 18 should really keep out from this street. If there are any actual performing ladies, they were very liberal in their dressing, revealing skin and regions of the body intended to seduce customers. Some wore dance wear while others wore fantasy costumes such as nurse uniforms or house maid costumes, attempting to stoke the hidden fetish of their potential customers. Needless to say, there isn’t much room to deny that Walking Street is indeed the commonly quoted City of Sex, where sex tourism is particularly rampant on this street.

Pattaya Walking Street

I said actual performing ladies because some “ladies” were pretty apparent that they were not born females. Then again, this is Thailand, so I guess most people would have known and wouldn’t be that surprised. We also encountered street magic, conducted in a very adult fashion, teasing and touching the participants private regions.

Above all the adult entertainment such as strip dancing, strip clubs, bar top dancing, sex shows – there was something else that particularly caught my attention. There were actual fighting rings with Muay Thai boxers, hitting the living daylights out of each other and although held within the particular pub, all these can be viewed from the street! As a martial arts practitioner myself, I was naturally attracted to watch how they actually fight. Surrounding the ring were many tables of (mainly) Caucasian tourists, drinking beer and chilling out while watching the match.

All in all, there wasn’t a decent location in our opinion for a proper meal yet, until we hit the other end of The Walking Street. This side appeared to be the common starting point for most other tourists as it was connected to another series of roads that are accessible via the common transports in Pattaya.

We came across this small cosy restaurant and thankfully they still do serve food at such a late hour. Obviously some of the waitresses in this restaurants are not exactly authentic women. Nevertheless,  we ordered a couple of local dishes, which all proven to be very appealing to our appetite. Maybe we are just hungry. Or actually maybe not. We only managed to take the photo of the “Hawaiian Chicken Salad”. By then, we were already literally salivating over the sight of all the dishes and just dug in, forgetting to take photos for the rest of them.


I must say, this mouthwatering Hawaiian Chicken Salad is absolutely worth it and even now, just by looking at the photo, if it’s ever possible I would want to taste it again!

UP NEXT: Surviving the throat cutting transport network in Pattaya!