An Unforgettable Road Trip to Thailand Day 3 – Part 2

The last time we went to Pattaya, we were dropped off at our hotel by a chauffeur that Kenneth had hired. This time, we challenged to navigate our own way. We have got to say, this part of the journey touched our nerves quite a little because almost nothing went smoothly.

First, we were almost 2 hours behind schedule. We were supposed to have minimally 2 hours to prepare for a red carpet event at 7pm. Instead, we reached Pattaya at 5pm – Pattaya North to be exact. Our hotel was towards South of Pattaya.

Secondly, we assumed we would be able to reach our hotel pretty fast on a Song Tiow (a public transport which looks like a lorry taxi) which did not turn out to be the case because the traffic jam was out of control!

Thirdly, we were getting impatient and easily irritated. Not a good sign so we fought hard not to let anything negativity get to us. Who goes to a red carpet event feeling lousy after all!

Fourth, we were suddenly told to make a change at a drop off point to take the Song Tiow which operates the routes in Pattaya South. The one we took operates in the North of Pattaya. That was a little unexpected but it did not matter. What mattered was to reach our hotel as soon as possible. Even so, there were no queue systems at the interchange point. People snatched any opportunity to hop on and they would squeezed until there was barely room to breathe. After some effort, we finally got onto one.

Fifth, identifying the boutique hotel had posed some difficulty for us. Despite asking for directions, the people could only point us to its street. That was because Rome Boutique Hotel just opened not long ago. Hence, not many locals know of it and as a result, we had to depend on ourselves. Nevertheless, there were too many things going on – buildings, people and the Song Tiow was picking up speed as the traffic eased. So it was no doubt we could easily missed it which yes indeed, we missed it and ended up by the beach. The hotel seemed to be within walking distance from the beach and feeling enough of Song Tiow, I suggested we go on foot. I admit that was not a wise decision because we were very tired by then and the sun was setting so it may not be sensible to walk around with our luggages at that hour. After getting back on the street where the hotel is supposed to be located, Kenneth suggested to take a taxi because it was getting darker and it was a long stretch of street. We had to go with it, we have only an hour left to the red carpet event. We ended up paying 200THB to get to the hotel which was slightly more than 5 minutes drive away from us. Well, at least we finally arrived at the hotel.


Sixth, the cleanliness of the hotel room was quite a huge shock for us. To find out more, click here.

Seventh, by the time we settle down, we were left with only 35 minutes to freshen up, doll up before we were driven to the event venue. We felt frustrated that we were we unable to execute many things we had prepared for the red carpet due to the shortage of time. Then we remembered:

You can either let negativity grow in you or grow up. Successful people do not let negativity get to them and ruin their present nor future. As such, we sorted out our emotions and got on our way to meet our fellow awesome friends at the event!

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Oh by the way, during the ride, we finally found out from the driver that it was the King’s birthday. Therefore, the streets were especially bustling that night and everyone was wearing yellow clothes. So remember, 5 December is Thai King’s birthday.

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