An Unforgettable Road Trip to Thailand Day 3 – Part 1

Sleeping early means waking up early and sometimes too early. We each woke up once at 2am, another at 4am plus then finally wide awake at 7am plus. The interesting thing was that we have had experienced different things during the respective time we woke up.

Into 0200HR

As we were sleeping on the upper deck, we could not see what they were doing exactly but there were sudden jerks, sudden stops, vibrations and we could sometimes feel the train moving backwards. There really isn’t much we can do other than pray for everyone’s safety. You know, not some train hijack or something haha. Very soon we fell back asleep…

Into 0400HR

We woke up again, to find ourselves back on the tracks. The train would occasionally travel at a slower speed and we can feel the cabin bobbing up and down. We assume it was the terrain (ie: railway tracks partially submerged in mud). To be honest, we would have no clue even if we were being kidnapped to somewhere else, perhaps Hogward. HAHA. Curious about what other commuters were doing, we peeped at the corridor. Everyone’s curtains were drawn. It was cold and quiet. It certainly felt like some test lab with countless of bodies (either dead or alive but anaesthetised) during a zombie apocalypse. See, this is called self entertainment where you let your imagination run wild. Haha. Apart from that, we do happen to see a police officer patrolling the corridor too. That certainly put us at more ease. At least somebody was watching over us :3 With nothing much to do, we went to back to dreamland, listening to the sound of the world outside the train.

Into 0700HR

Rise and shine! We got off the deck and headed off to wash up. Only a couple of people woke up then so there was no need to compete for toilets. Oh and thank goodness for clean toilet and washing area!

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It really touched us that the staff working on the train really made the long ride comfortable for the commuters. Like two little kids, we squeezed together in one of our upper deck to munch our breakfast and crack jokes with each other. In a couple of hour, the train did its transformer stunt again – changing from a sleeper train to the usual train.

The rest of the journey was spent on stoning, napping, snacking and of course, gaming! Smash Hit had been THE game of the ride. Albeit single player, we played it as a couple anyway. If you have a partner, you should try it. It can probably reveal some insights to your relationship. We played it in the way such that one person ‘take care’ of the right and centre, another the left and the power. You may think it sounds silly but you can see how well the couple communicates, trust, support and accept any mistakes made by each other. We enjoyed it a lot and recommend it if you are looking at the game to play on your travel. You do not need data connection. Bonus is it comes free of charge (unless you want to go premium)! 😀

According to our schedule, we were suppose to touch down at Hua Lampong at 10am. However, the ride dragged on for two more hours. As we pulled in nearer to Bangkok train station, we saw the living conditions of some citizens. Their houses were made up of metal scraps, sometimes cardboards and leaves. The environment was full of litters and stale muddy water. Travelling certainly open our eyes to the world outside. It is crazy to think that even after 20 years of education, we only know 1% about the world. As we approach the Hua Lampong train station, the train started to move real slow because of the uneven terrain with rows of houses built right next to the tracks. By that, we mean within one arm’s reach. The train would also stop occasionally to allow the cars to cross. Another thing we observed was that 98% of the Thais were wearing yellow clothes. We were worried if we were going to get caught in some political happenings again xD Anyway with so many new experiences, we were not sure what else can surprise us even more!

We alighted at Hua Lampong at about 1pm odd. We were a couple of hours behind schedule. Nevertheless, we were still very grateful we made it to Bangkok safely.


It was a shock for us to see that the train was 19-20 cabins long! Perhaps more. We could not seem to see the end of the train at the platform. As we proceeded, we found ourselves lost in a sea of people wearing yellow clothings. There were a lot of monks and a massive photo of their King at the train station’s atrium. Unable to figure out the occasion, we went ahead with our plans. To find out how we travel from Hua Lamphong to Pattaya via their mass rapit transit (MRT) and bus, click here.


Their MRT and stations in the city was very much like Singapore’s. They were clean, fast and organised. Navigating our way around to get to the bus station was not an issue. We had a pretty smooth ride to Pattaya except for a funny incident.

It was mandatory for the bus officer to tag the luggages before they were loaded onto the bus. You see, Kenneth had the luggage cover and it was covering the hand-carry handle. The officer tried to access to the handle but after two attempts, she gave up and simply stapled the tag onto the cover itself. Kenneth’s face was like that:

Hahaha. It was funny. But all was well, we took goofy photos and rested (again) on our bus ride. To be honest, we rested SO MUCH, we felt like we have recovered from the years of late nights. Haha. Toast to ample sleep!


Coming up: Smooth ride no more.