An Unforgettable Road Trip to Thailand Day 2 – Part 1

After a good night rest at Lodge 18, we were ready for Day 2 of our road trip!

We woke up and went to a coffee shop across the street for breakfast. We ordered something simple – two sets of toasted bread, half boiled eggs and hot milo which cost us RM$9. The half boiled eggs came in beer cups which is interesting because we usually have them in small bowls or plates.


After our breakfast, we went to shop around in the provision shop and guessed what! There was a shop nearby that sells a lot of goodies ranging from bags to hair accessories to gift packs to souvenirs etc. So if you ask us what time is it… IT IS LOOTING TIME. Haha!

Fast-forward, we went back after that to the hotel to grab our luggages and then we are back to the same coffee shop for lunch. If there is one thing you would like to try, get their claypot chicken. It was really delicious and cost only RM$5.50! We also ordered a drink called 932. Lol. It turned out to be plum juice. We never knew why it was called 932. If you know, do let us know!


After lunch, we made our way to Butterworth railway station to catch our train to Bangkok! For guides on getting from Lodge 18 > Butterworth station > Bangkok, please click here. Remember we ended off mentioning that we had an epic twist during our journey in the previous post? Here was what happened. Before we embarked on the trip, we did our research and there were some guides suggesting we could either buy our tickets online via email or buy it at the station itself. So we decided to buy it there. To our horror, it was sold out and we wanted to find out more –

Us: “Sooooo, are there any tickets for tomorrow’s train?”
Salesperson: “Tickets are unavailable until 29 December. There are available tickets to Padang Besar today.”

Of all things! We were suddenly at a loss because we did not expected this and we certainly do not know what to expect next. To make things more ‘exciting’, we could not get any internet connection. We could only depend on the information available, our guts and the good karma we have accumulated. We finally decided to make our way to Padang Besar and see what we can do thereafter. The feeling of uncertainty was real. Kenneth being a person who sees my safety as his top priority, was a little worried back then. So as much as I was concerned, I knew I had to do my part not to become a burden, not to make things worse. Hence, I comforted us by  ensuring that everything is going to turn our just fine: “Don’t worry. We are great people. A good path will unfold before us and we will meet good people who will help us get through this hiccup.” Sure enough, law of attraction works best when you believe strongly in what you want. Here, we would like to introduce another friend whom we met on the train.

We do not know her name but she is a Thai teenager who speaks Mandarin. She was on her way home (in Thailand) from school (in Penang) – a good 17 hours train ride home, goodness. She slept and did her homework on the train :S Anyway, we asked if she knew of any possibilities where we can buy the tickets from Padang Besar to Bangkok. Unfortunately, she had no idea but she was kind enough to direct us to the officers on the train, helped us to translate and facilitated the conversations. That was how we were informed that we can try our luck at Padang Besar train station. Realizing there were not much we can do either, we could only pray for the best and watch the outside world flash across our eyes while our hearts continue to pump at the unexpected turn of events.


Coming up: Did Kenneth and Faith get to Bangkok as planned?? D: