Carousell: The Platform for Entrepreneurs

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Snap. List. Sell.

A real simple way of selling your items – used or brand new – with a touch on your smartphone.

While this concept is not exactly new, some smart brains took what has already been proven by eBay and place them into an app. Carousell made it really convenient for smartphone users to leverage on to sell their items. The functions that come along include:

  • the ability to snap a picture directly with the smartphone camera
  • real-time chat messaging to negotiate
  • notify you if someone left you an offer or reply to your messages
  • list your items onto a virtual market with many categories for easier navigation
  • oriented towards people within your locality
  • enable you to shop for other people’s listed items as well

This application may look simple but the social implications are tremendous – in a positive way.

To start things off, the definition of “Entrepreneurship” refers to:

The capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a profit.

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Most adults would agree to a large extent that the children and young adults these days are way more tech-savvy compared to their own generation. Anything that is tech related, computer related and (ever since the smartphones surfaced) smartphones related – they are virtually toys and playgrounds for them!

Applications now not only serve as productivity tools for the working adults, applications companies are booming – launching out new applications and games everyday in hope of striking the new billion dollar jackpot. And what happens when teens, students and young adults bump into an application that enable them to sell things with complete ease and hassle-free process?

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Bingo! They start realizing things around them can be monetize. A new breed of entrepreneurs is quickly spreading like wildfire in the society. While they may not be a threat to some big boys in the business world, the mindset of the users has now been influenced to a certain extent and how would that matter in the years to come?

This understanding led on to realize financial goals are no longer as far off as they might be perceived. Students can now seek and leverage on opportunities within this market!

Here are some of the obvious examples:

  1. Wow cool! I can now sell my unwanted items and turn them into cash!
  2. I can buy pre-loved items or brand new items at a real bargain! (The word pre-loved wasn’t that well known before Carousell was born.)
  3. I can now shop more, experience more clothes / items and then resell them, using the same amount of money to experience more things.
  4. Entrepreneur mindset alert: I can now watch and observe market demands
  5. Entrepreneur mindset alert: I can sell things in demand
  6. Entrepreneur mindset alert: I can buy low and sell slightly higher for profits !

People then start realizing the importance of some critical business skills and life skills such as

  • Branding
  • Negotiation skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Market analysis
  • Resourcefulness
  • Raising Capital


Developing these skills will definitely help serve them better in future be it employees or entrepreneurs. Some of these skills mentioned are key essential skills known to entrepreneurs for a long time, such as raising capital to begin with. The mind of entrepreneur has been trained to look at the same situation, same scenario and discover new solutions for it. The entrepreneurial mind seek for opportunities to leverage on and resolve the issue.

Likewise, with Carousell, old or new entrepreneurs can now easily raise the amount of money required in order to reach their goals, be it to buy something or start a business!

How is this just like any other business ventures?

Assuming a 19-year-old student decides to have some fun while studying, he searches within the virtual market and goes through the listings to observe a particular pattern in demand. Locating the desired industry and products that he is personally passionate about, knows a thing or two about them and recognizes them as profitable, he starts thinking, “How can I get these products in mass – at a lower cost?”

Whichever method he uses, the objective is simple. There are risks involved and capital involved. The question is “How can I reduce my risk, increase my profits and make sure that cashflow is quick enough to maintain the business cycle?” 

As observed, there are risks and capital involved – just like any other businesses. The beauty lies in opening up opportunities, or rather, making opportunities more evident than ever.

Can Carousell generate a decent amount of income as a business?

In my opinion, yes – only if you go through the learning process, fall a few times and start working smart on it. My recommendation would be, go explore and play around with it for a couple of times then observe the beauty of this platform. The landscape of the global economy is indeed reshaping itself, into a far more dynamic environment than what has been in the past. However, this will take a trained mind and a pair of keen eyes to observe.

Opportunities are everywhere, the questions are…

“Can you see them?”

“How do you capitalize on them?”


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