Singapore – Oct 2014: Alive! Museum SG

If you are like me – have many friends who have been travelling far too many times for their own good and they post their pictures incessantly on various social media, you might have noticed some of the Asian highlights these days are 3D illusion Arts Museum.

Last I recalled there are a number of these museums in Thailand and South Korea! As much as it looked really fun, Faith and I have not visited the ones in these countries though. But on one fine day, in actual fact just past over a few weeks ago, we discovered something in the heart of our hometown – Singapore!

Apparently this attraction is fairly new and it has not gained too much awareness of it yet (either that, or we pretty much lived like foreigners in our very own home country). Alive! Museum is pretty much straightforward on its own and even if you do not know what to do, or how to take photos, there are directions on the wall to suggest possible poses, angles, elevation and even distance away from the art piece! Just look out for the arrows on the ground pointing toward the art.

The really amazing portion about this attraction is how we may leverage on certain angles and illusion to fit ourselves in and create a whole lot of fun for everyone! I personally felt the entire concept was just brilliant and the creators were simply geniuses.

Advice! Visit them at an off-peak timeslot. You really do not want to spoil your group’s experience by having to squeeze with the crowd or wait for each other to be done. Faith and I, we had never liked rush schedules or having the need to squeeze with the crowd, so we visited there on a weekday afternoon. Having said, bring your lucky charms. There might be still a possibility that a fair amount of crowd co-exists in that space.

Everything is fun and great except, in my personal opinion, I can’t help but feel they might be trying to squeeze too many art pieces in an area. While I understand this decision was based on providing the most value it can for visitors, could it also compromise on the experience of visitors? Singapore is a tiny place, with each extra square foot threatening to blow up the pocket of business owners. So… visitors have to be mentally prepared of course – it can be pretty decent and fun, depending on your mood and attitude.

From a business standpoint, I really think this is a great business because of the following reasons:

  1. It offers great value and entertainment to visitors.
  2. No inventory needed to be replenished (maybe just some regular maintenance)
  3. One-time investment on the art pieces within.
  4. Generates publicity on its own (like this post? I am doing free coverage and publicity!)
  5. Limited  staffing. (Cuts down on monthly costs.)
  6. Self-running investment that keeps bringing in money every single day.

Such businesses make a lot of sense because the profits can be easily projected over a timespan. Investors and business owners would be concerned if it is sustainable, profitable, and does it adds value to people. Anyone knows it’s ROI on this one? 😀

Here are some of our photos at the museum!

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