Kuala Lumpur – August 2014: Looting and feasting in KL

Throughout our 7 days of business-holiday trip to KL, we went to various places, for our food hunt and retail therapy.


Nearest station: Pasar Seni Station

Alternative names: Chinatown, Jalan Petaling
Nearest station: Pasar Seni Station (within 5minutes walking distance)
What’s hot?: Local favourite savouries, Fake branded goods
Price: Low to Mid-low, Can bargain

According to our Malaysian friends, despite having so many merchandise stalls, Petaling Street is in fact monopolised by a few Chinese owners. These owners opened up multiple stalls, located apart from one another and hired Indians, Bangladeshis, Myanmar etc to help sell their goods. Our friends also mentioned about these sales people communicating through walkie talkies.

So it works this way: Stall A, B, C are under owner X. Now imagine you are at stall A and you could not bargain for the price you desire, you move on to other stalls. The sales person at stall A would communicate to the person at stall B that you are heading towards stall B’s direction and other necessary information that will help close a deal. Same will happen if you decide to go on to stall C.

Of course, we are not sure how much of this is true but we will not be surprised either if they are. After all, people will do whatever it takes to close the deal.

We visited Petaling Street in the late afternoon and the crowd was pretty decent. Fortunately, we did not encounter any sort of incidents like pickpockets or robbery. Regardless, it is good practice to carry your bag in front of you and as much as possible, avoid hand carry bags. Not forgetting food and more food!

Ramly Burger!
Ramly Burger!
Ribena Mua Chee!
Ribena Mua Chee!

Why does it seem like I am forever eating and Kenneth is forever selfie-ing? Hahaha!


Nearest Station: Imbi Station
What’s hot?: Indoor theme park, Xscape, Tiny Taiwan
Price: Mid-Low to Mid, No bargain

Berjaya Time Square is huge with its east and west wings. This shopping mall is great for family outings! We especially love their Tiny Taiwan because there are many innovative and yummy food!


We also visited its Bar.B.Q Plaza. We would say if you are looking out for a place to bring a big group of people for a meal at an affordable price and you are not picky about the standard of the food or menu, Bar.B.Q is a place worth considering. If it is for special occasions, you might want to find alternatives.




Nearest Station: Bukit Bintang Station
Prices: Mid to High, no bargain


From Bukit Bintang Station, you can have access to a lot more shopping malls (Eg: Fahrenheit88, Lot 10, Pavillion). In Singapore, we call this district: Orchard Road. Hahaha.

We had our lunch in Lot 10 basement where you can find a supermarket and many Chinese food! As much as we are excited to feast on the food, do you want to guess how much a bowl of Bak Kut Teh and Pig Stomach Soup cost us?

A meal that cost us nearly RM$30 -cries-

Yes, if you are considering to eat at the basement, do remember to bring enough cash.

So as we were exploring, we came across a few interesting food at Fahrenheit88 such as the fanciful popsicles and durian cake made exactly like a durian.

DSC_1521 (1)

DSC_1525 (1)

And lastly, of course not forgetting our loot!

My love’s anniversary gift for me (:



That is all for this post! Thank you for your support and stay tune to find out where we will be heading to next!