Kuala Lumpur – August 2014 (Special edition): How to meet awesome new friends in 1 second during your travel


So we were sitting at KLCC’s Starbucks and something caught our attention. Someone was raising the blue #ysbh banner and we excitedly did the same. There and then we met our new ‘blue blooded’ friends 😀

Here, meet Rachmad from Indonesia and Stelios from Cyprus, Greece.

(From left) Rachmad, Kenneth, Faith, Stelios

And this is Chrysanthos Alexandrou II from Cyprus. He is 19 and retired. Yes, you’ve heard it. Retired.

Faith, Kenneth, Chris, __
(From left) Faith, Kenneth, Chrys, Rachmad

We shared our stories and life / business hacks with one another, help each other. We facetime with their family who were all the way in Cyprus. It was hard to believe we just met.

After bidding goodnight to them, Kenneth and I took our romantic stroll and we decided to take a few photos.

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As you can see, I was photo bombed in the last photo shown in the slide show gallery above. Look who we met, new friends all the way from London! Haha, the person who photo bombed me was David!

(From left) Frank, Denise, David, Florence, Faith, Kenneth

It is amazing how something so small can bring people from all walks of life together. You should be in the photo with us! #ysbh

Cheers to our friends around the world! Meet up soon! 😀