Key Considerations Before Joining a Network Marketing Company

We mentioned in “6 Types of Part-Time Business” that one of six options is getting into a network marketing company. So what are some of the key considerations to ponder over before you join one?

#1 : Why?

It might seem really straightforward, but this consideration is critical. It can greatly affect your chances of success. Ask yourself these questions…

“Why am I getting involved in the network marketing industry?”

“What do I want to achieve out of it?”

In the meantime, for many people, the reasons might differ very much. To some, they might want to find a way to retire themselves, or their loved ones. To others, it might be a Plan B. Your reason of joining has to be crystal clear to yourself. Having said that, there will be a high chance that you may never get to the real reason until you have been in the company for years.

If you do not know

There have been even people who like to join the network marketing company to “support” their friends. If that is your chief reason, then I urge you to reconsider. You may choose to buy and consume their products instead of purchasing the business aspect as well. Ultimately, your friend will not benefit from team building bonuses if you are not doing the business. He or she can still benefit from your purchase of the product though.

#2: How important?

We know the benefits of a Network Marketing business and what it can do for our friends and us. The question now is, “How important are your reasons / goals?”

Is it really important? What will happen if you attain and fulfil it? And what happens if you DO NOT achieve it?

These questions can help you further define your goals as well as to understand the opportunity cost at stake.

A case study of Mr. B (by the way he is a real person on our team)

“Why” – His workplace is absolutely killing him and he had to face demanding and atrocious superiors. As with every individual, the residual bill each month requires an income to sustain it. Worst of all, he couldn’t get the time he wants with his beloved son. To him, being able to spend time with his son at his freewill and flexibility is of the utmost importance.

This matters because many people wants to live a life they dream of, but not many people would want to endure the journey to get it.

#3: Endurance?

The path in business and entrepreneurship is like a marathon. There will be an end goal, but the journey can be long. Network marketing company is never a get-rich-quick scheme. It has, though, proven itself to be quicker than most other methods of establishing your own running business and offers you the experience, skills and mindset of a business owner.

Cancer Marathon

Prepare yourself mentally, or question yourself if you are willing to put in a tiny portion of your spare time into this part-time business so that it may bloom into a full-fledged business or income in due time. In most other trades, the effort, results and time graph is linear. Yet, in a good network marketing company, at times it can be exponential. With that, an exponential graph has a tiny amount of increment as the time goes by and it seems almost not moving or totally not proportionate to the time spent. However, once momentum picks up and things start rolling, the high income we are paid seems almost too unfair for the effort we are putting in.

A good analogy for this is the Chinese bamboo. When first sowed, the seed shows no signs of growing. Years and years goes by without even seeing the shoots. However on the 5th year, the Chinese bamboo grows to more than 80 feet tall in one growing season. For those people without patience, all they see is nothing happening aboveground and some may even dig out the seeds to question the authenticity of the seeds. Have they been scammed by the person who sold them the seeds?

What they didn’t know is… over the past 5 years, the bamboo seeds have been growing roots underground. Long and strong roots that penetrate deeply into the ground. With a strong foundation root system, the bamboo tree is now ready to shoot up high. As goes with architecture, we need a strong foundation if we like to have a tall building.

#4 Passion

Can you ever imagine trying to convince your friends to an activity or a movie that you are not personally passionate about? Yet with passion, does it matter if anyone else gets your idea? You see, get yourself involved in a company, product or service that you are personally passionate about!

By which, the thought of it keeps you from sleeping at night and even without anyone telling you what to do, you are excited in finding out more about the product. You can’t wait to know more, and you can’t wait to share what you know with the rest of the world. To raise a very good example, I am guessing most people as a kid would have a few things that they are incredibly passionate about, they take pride in telling people about what they know about that topic!

For some kids it may be astronomy, soccer, cars, arts, culinary and like myself – games in particular to MMORPG.

There was once I was SO passionate about this game “Silkroad Online” that I studied the mechanics so well that if I ever did that to any of my subjects in school, I would have been the top student in the country. I was able to create a brand new character build based on my understanding of the game and it was wildly successful! It was crazy passionate that I would only sleep 3 hours a day just to make sure my character grows because I can’t wait to test out my character. It was a very unique one and I took massive pride in it. Soon I began to teach people about it, advise people on character builds and people would start asking me for my opinions and what I did to my character.

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See? It’s the same. And playing MMORPG didn’t get me paid. In fact, I paid to play. I paid a lot. Did it bother me, not really? Even now? Yes, I’m totally cool with the amount I paid for a game that didn’t give me ANYTHING in return. But I learnt one thing. Passion got me so successful in game within a short timespan of 2 years.

What if… I were to apply the same exact concept and passion into reality? Could I be wildly successful within a short period of 5 to 10 years? Will I be well soughtafter by the masses to hear about my opinions and my knowledge?

The current company that I am with, is in a damn sexy and cool industry, that even without this company, I will be personally passionate about it. Even if I am not paid to tell people about it, I will still post pictures all over Internet each time I go on a vacation, each time I go travelling into another country. To me, this is the best deal ever. Now I can get paid for what I am personally passionate about.

Likewise, your passion might be different from mine and everyone else. Pick the company according to your passion.

In Conclusion

Passive income and business is not all that hard. Most importantly, just have fun. If we are fighting hard for other people’s dreams when we are in a job, I thought we might as well fight hard for our own dreams and in the process, become a better person, learn more and have more happiness in our lives.

Life for Faith and I, today, is totally very different compared to most of our peers. Love to hear what you guys think, let me know if I left out anything at all. Blessed week ahead!