Kuala Lumpur – August 2014: Arenaa Hotel

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If you have been following our journey in Kuala Lumpur so far, previously we have shown you exactly how to get to Arenaa Hotel. It is definitely not the only way to get to Arenaa Hotel, but we went on the easiest route to describe and follow. Likewise, while we may seem to be just narrating our journey, bear notice of the small little things at the background as they tell a bigger story about the local culture and environment.

Now that we have reached Arenaa Hotel, let us share with you about this hotel’s pros and cons!


This is the one that we have been talking about: Arenaa Star Luxury Hotel. NOT Arenaa Mountbatten.

Greeted by a huge white lobby space at the ground floor, the decorations and concept seem to attempt to model after the movie making scenes. There were huge portraits of movie posters and movie stars, alongside with the cliche director’s chair, directing board and the huge camera. After a long walk, first impression of this spacious lobby space seem to hint a good stay in this hotel.

Can’t wait!

Part of the excitement must also be attributed to our anticipation of “The Honeymoon Suite”, which we have booked for our little anniversary trip. Last year, majority of our anniversary trip in Kenting Taiwan was spent putting up in a hostel, until the last few nights when we headed back to Taipei, we accommodate at a much better 3 – 4 star hotel.

Disclaimer: Officially speaking, Arenaa Star Luxury Hotel is a 3 star hotel and whether is it value for money, we will leave it till the end to review.

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The floors in Arenaa Star Hotel have been named according to countries in Asia and we were guessing they might have applied a certain theme on each floor. In any case, look what we found on the 6th floor – Hong Kong Floor.


A collage of famous Hong Kong actors and actresses at the lift lobby! Walking down the corridors, you will also come across many other beautiful portraits of famous Hong Kong artistes individually. We had Jet Li guarding our suite entrance – very safe indeed. With the lighting along the way, these portraits might seem a little creepy at first, but hey it is still a pretty interesting concept. No pictures though, we were too excited to take a look at our new suite!

So how does “The Honeymoon Suite” looks like!??


Decorated with jet black, shiny furniture, upon opening the door render us a sneak peak of what the whole room might look like, and continue to tease us further. On the right side of the recess area is the wardrobe which very much like rest of the furniture had a black shiny surface. Straight up ahead, as you might see in the photo above, was the director’s table coupled with a very decent chair. It seemed like a perfect workspace for any business executives on a business trip. Expect nothing of the provided beverages though, they were very basic, consisting of tea bags and coffee sachets. The way the window curved gave us an apparent better understanding of how the entire honeymoon suite may be structured. Perhaps it is the fabric’s nature, the translucent curtains however, didn’t felt it was new or nice to touch. The effect it had on us was, if given a choice, we won’t want to touch and drag it around too much.


This might not be the biggest suite around, however it seems like all the common amenities are present in the room. The tiny round table totally do no justice to the incredibly comfortable chair. Placed between the flat screen TV and the “kitchen”, that spot makes the ideal location for a tiny tea session or breakfast, like what we eventually did. Oh yes, we mentioned about “kitchen” right? One of the cool part about this suite is that it includes a kitchen sink area, as you might study in the picture above, it is actually on the right side. So if you are intending to do some light washing of cups and dishes, that area is pretty cool.

Flat Screen TV with quite a whole list of channels.
Flat Screen TV with quite a whole list of channels.

Plain so far? Wait till you see this.


Private Jacuzzi in the room! That should be the highlight of the room, or so many people would think. Check out the official website as well, even the hotel staff (or the photographer in fact) thought that this feature in the room is amazing. There are consequences though, we will come to that in a bit. The round shaped bed completely looked like a cheese block placed on a black classy dish plate. While we totally understand what the interior designer tried to do for this Honeymoon Suite, we don’t think this is a good idea actually. The jacuzzi can actually cause quite a bit of collateral damage then it is filled and turned on. You might want to spread out the towels at the edge of the bed to pretty much stop the housekeeper from thinking that you are still bed-wetting at this age. Having said that, the towels are totally worth placing by the side of the jacuzzi. This suite is powered by 2 air conditioners (which we think it totally makes logical sense and we are thankful for them), many times getting out from the water or from the showers could more than just nudge you to jump under the covers right away.

Don’t ask us why so many cushions were provided. We ended up storing them at the space behind the bed. The curtains in this part of the room can be quite tricky to pull in. Guests might want to perform some light stretching exercises before attempting the acrobatic stunts.

DSC_1484Pretty much everything is open concept in this suite. It’s nearly as though the bathroom is in the bedroom. Or would it be the bed is in the bathroom !?



The rainfall shower head might be getting pretty common nowadays in hotels that want to provide an additional notch of service to its guests. Nevertheless, we pretty much appreciate the design and general feel of this suite!

Here are more pictures of the hotel during our inspection rounds!

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All in all, this is a pretty decent hotel for a 3 star rating. We booked Arenaa Star Luxury Hotel via our very own personalized booking engine – “Rovia” (who has won quite a number of awards over the past few years) – so if you like, you may check out either Faith’s booking engine or Kenneth’s booking engine.

Yays: Relatively convenient if you are willing to do a little walking. There are nearby coffee shops and street food as well. The LRT connects this hotel to the rest of the city.

Nays: Likewise, it wouldn’t be THAT convenient if you are looking for dinner. The nearest convenience shop would be the one beside the LRT, which can be quite a walk away if you are looking for supper.

Tip: Tip the housekeeper, get them to do a proper job. The room would have been so much better if they spent a little more effort cleaning things thoroughly.


3 stars out of 5

Details of Hotel

Address: Jalan Hang Lekiu, 50050 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Contact: +60 3-2078 0988

Email: enquiry.star@arenaahotelsgroup.com

Website: http://www.arenaastar.com.my/


Signing off! Stay tuned for the next posts. (We are actually travelling faster than we can post… so… apologies. 😛 )



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