Kuala Lumpur – August 2014: To Putrajaya Convention Center (KLIA Train Systems)

As previously mentioned in “Getting a taxi from airport to Youniq Hotel (or wherever you go)“, we engaged Kumar as our personal driver to and fro Putrajaya Convention Center over a couple of days. We did a private arrangement with him and paid RM$150 in total. We highly recommend you to engage Kumar’s service if you are looking at getting a driver.

Of course, as usual, we love to go on little adventures time to time. So we decided, on one of the days, to take the public transport to the convention centre. We will share how we get there but first, let us share with you the train systems in KL (:


Stops and Duration

KLIA Express: KLIA2 – KLIA – KL Sentral (~30min)

KLIA Express: per way from KLIA/KLIA2 to KL Sentral vice versa
RM$35 per adult
RM$15 per child

KLIA Transit: See below

KLIA Transit Standard One-way Fare


Haha, be prepared to pay extra.

Take what happened to us as a case study. We were suppose to alight at Putrajaya station and we bought the right tickets. It cost us RM$12.40 for 2 adult tickets. However, we made a mistake and boarded KLIA Express instead of KLIA Transit. Before we know it, we were on our way to KL Sentral. Haha. Once we reached KL Sentral, we were not allowed exit by our ticket until we paid the outstanding sum. The tickets were meant for us to exit at Putrajaya, not KL Sentral. Hence, we had to pay RM$57.60 more to exit (Per adult: RM$35-RM$6.20=RM$28.80).

After which, we had to purchase the tickets to Putrajaya station from KL Sentral again. Hence, we paid another RM$19. So conclusion is if you miss your stop, you have to pay extra. So, try not to miss your stop (:

What is similar between the two KLIA train systems?

They both have free wifi on the trains! :D:D

All right, now we have got the hang of KLIA express and KLIA transit, here is how you can get around to Putrajaya Convention Centre from KLIA/KLIA2.

Step 1: Buy your train ticket
Proceed to the ticket counter. To locate the ticket counter at KLIA, go to level 2 and look for the sign ‘KLIA Ekspres’. The escalator is beside the lifts. If you look at the directory, you might probably get confuse like we did because their level 1 is segregated into 2 disjointed parts and they are not reflected in the directory board. See below photos.

Directory board at level 1 near lift at KLIA
Directory board at level 1 near lift at KLIA


Directory board at level 2 near lift at KLIA
Directory board at level 2 near lift at KLIA


You can see the signage in the second photo above! Take the escalator down and tadah, you will see the ticket counter which looks like…

Ticket counter
Ticket counter

KLIA express and KLIA transit share the same counter. You can now purchase your tickets! (:

KLIA Transit

Step 2: Boarding the right train

Depending on which ticket you bought, the KLIA transit card will be in blue and KLIA express card will be in pink. Occasionally, they would use QR code receipt-looking ticket instead.

DSC_1468 (1)
Tap here

As shown in the picture, if you are given a card, simply tap it at the area below the ‘visa’ symbol. If you are given the QR code ticket, scan the QR code at the area above the ‘visa’ symbol.


Once you enter the gantry, you will see these two signage. Well, they speak for themselves ya? Assuming you are taking KLIA express, you will see as below…

Photo taken at KLIA

On the first look, it might confuse you but it will be clearer with the train’s arrival. If the train is coming from your right to left (you facing the door), then it is heading towards KLIA2 vice versa. If you are still confused, take note of the announcements. Be sure to board the right train (;

& that is for the KLIA transit and express train system!

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Now, our mission was to get to Putrajaya Convention Centre and here is what we did from KLIA:

Step 1: Take KLIA transit to Putrajaya & Cyberjaya station
Step 2: Follow the signs to the taxi stand
Step 3: Likewise, purchase a taxi ticket from the ticket counter. We paid RM$13 to get to Putrajaya Convention Centre. *Do note that whatever you pay is whatever you need to pay. You do not have to pay extra to the driver.
Step 4: Hop on a taxi, pass the taxi ticket to the driver and be on your way!

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We hope this can help you better plan for your transport and if you would like to know more about their Mass Rapid Transit system, do check out our adventures getting around to various places like Arenaa Hotel, KLCC etc!


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