Kuala Lumpur – August 2014: Youniq Hotel

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Youniq Hotel

We resided in two different hotels during our 7 days trip in KL. One of them is Youniq Hotel and the other, Arenaa Luxury Boutique Hotel. To find out more about Arenaa, click here. This post is dedicated to our review of Youniq Hotel.


1. Youniq hotel definitely lives up to its name: unique. Its quirky designs left a deep impression on us. This is perhaps also attributed to its contrasting neighbourhood which we would elaborate later. The hotel is also busked in neon lights!

2. The hotel offers airport pick up and shuttle transfer from the hotel to KLIA/KLIA2 for RM$5 per person per way. You can arrange an airport pick up through here and approach the reception to arrange transfer from hotel to the airport.

3. The hotel has friendly, English-speaking staff (:

4. The hotel provides facilities like hot & cold water cooler in the common lounge and, iron with iron board, washing machine and sink in a common space beside the balcony.

5. Cool use of QR code on room key to access the room. We were struggling how to get into the room. We looked for a card slot and we tapped the card. We thought the QR code was to direct us to the hotel website or something. So, yea. Tap on the QR code. Haha.

6. Pretty small and cosy room. The rooms come in S, M, L sizes. We booked a M size room which is about 2.5m in width x 3.1m in length.

7. We enjoyed a lower rate as compared to other booking engines, thanks to the collaboration between Rovia and the hotel.

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1. We mentioned about its neighbourhood earlier – it is dark, secluded and dangerous, especially at night. The other buildings were generally abandoned. We saw a few males hanging out behind the hotel at night. Conclusion: We do not advise lone or female travellers to get this hotel as your accommodation. Travel in group, avoid the back of the hotel at night because beyond the buildings are tall bushes and trees. No, we are not trying to scare anyone! Just saying: be careful (:

2. We believe our heater was broken or something. We had cold shower during our stay. You can literally hear screams, hahaha. Not entirely a pleasant thing to hear in a secluded area.

3. Breakfast was provided. We think this point is really up to individuals how they look at it. We are grateful for the food provided but because we strive for excellence, we were quite disappointed. Certainly, we do not expect a breakfast buffet out of a boutique hotel. They had slices of bread, butter, kaya, jam, 2 toasters (1 spoilt), a pot of lukewarm coffee and a pot of lukewarm tea. To be honest, that is sufficient but they could have done a better job at managing the quality of the food and service. It will definitely value add to the hotel.

4. The rooms are not sound proof at all. Not what you are thinking, haha but we could barely sleep at night because of the noises coming from other rooms. There was this one time where a little monster (child) in the room opposite ours cried so loud for a period of time. No, not some spiritual entity that we encounter. That is for sure because we verified it. Haha.


Definitely not spoilt for choices, but here are some options if you want to look for snacks/food. We are not sure about their operating hours though:

1. Indian food stall near Youniq Hotel, below Bary Inn
We paid RM$19 nett for 2 people. We ordered Nasi Goreng and Ayam Fried Rice with 2 soft drinks. The food is pretty decent.

2. Convenient shops
There is one beside the hotel which opens in the evening (or at least that was how it was during our stay) and another one opposite the main roads at the petrol station.

3. Nilai City
You can probably find more food in Nilai City but you will have to travel out of the hotel area. We went to visit a Chinese restaurant and paid only RM$35 for 3 persons. We ordered fried rice, hotplate tofu, veg and 2 drinks.


Hmmmmmm. All we can say is, there is nothing much to do around there.


No.42, Jalan 2,
Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi Business Park,
43900 Sepang, Selangor.
(KLIA Area)

+603 870 66988



2 stars out of 5


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