Khao Lak Dreamtrip – May 2014 – Part 5

Lounging on a weekday afternoon, as mentioned in the previous post “Khao Lak Dreamtrip – May 2014 – Part 4” who would have thought such lifestyle was possible? And again, once you have the taste of VIP treatment and a lifestyle that you design, we do not think you will ever want to feel that you “HAVE-TO” do something again. We didn’t “HAVE-TO” go to a job on a weekday because of a simple decision we made over 2 years ago.

Rounding up the previous post, we mentioned that there was a colour themed party. Guess what? The colour is blue! The meet and greet party is specially designed for all the Dreamtrippers on a particular trip to get to meet friends from all over the world if they like to. Often, there is a specific colour theme and people dress up in a very fun manner to have a fun mini contest of who was the best-dressed!


Coincidently, blue is also one of the corporate colours of this global award-winning travel club!

Faith and I decided to have some fun, dressing up as one of the Naruto characters – Uchiha Sasuke.

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And then we came in 3rd place!

To our surprise, they also threw in free flow of beer for our Dreamtrippers! Cheers!



Being well-fed on a trip is necessary, at least to us, hence the buffet dinner in the ballroom served as a very good welcome gift on our first night. And as always, but wait… there’s more.

The next post will cover on our travelling trails around Khao Lak, Thailand on the next morning. What can we say? “You Should Be Here!” #ysbh.

(For those that wish to find out how to join our club, you may contact either Faith or I directly, and we can point you to the right direction. Contact us at the “Send your love” page.)