Raising funds to build schools

With the massive influx of enquiries of “What is #YSBH?“, I would like to take this opportunity to bring awareness to the cause that I am currently doing fundraising for.

Wv Foundation

This is the screenshot of my fundraising page, where people all over the world can donate directly to the same cause.

The foundation that I am partnering up with is a very sincere, genuine organization called WorldVentures Foundation. If you have not heard from the news or from the videos already, this meek and soft spoken lady has a very big heart, and is the Executive Director of WorldVentures FoundationGwyneth Lloyd.

On my page there is another video to introduce more about what is this foundation all about.

To quote from WorldVentures Foundation official release directly,

And, to ensure our partners receive the maximum amount of assistance and resources that we can provide, 100 percent of donor-directed funds are now allocated to the Foundation’s impact partners, including Hug It Forward, Boys & Girls Club of America, The Nancy Lieberman Foundation , Youth Action International, the Singapore Children’s Society and Ciudad Alegria Cancun. –

Read more of this official release here.

As many of you might have already known, Faith and I are from Singapore, and for WorldVentures Foundation to contribute to Singapore Children’s Society, it is very much aligned with our direction in helping children and in turn help building the future. So hence, we really hope to see more people come together and help make a difference in this world.

The reason why I chosen to partner up with WorldVentures Foundation is very simple – I have personally come in touch with the top leaders in the company, Gwyneth Lloyd, Mike Azcue and the entire team – they are so aligned as one, so humble and genuine. The words in their voice held so much affirmation and promise, coupled with their amazing leadership from the heart, I am completely sold that I am part of one of the biggest movement in history.

Every single cent and dollar count – help make a difference today, and let us go on a Voluntour Dreamtrip together soon. Contribute here at my page.