Khao Lak Dreamtrip – May 2014 – Part 4

You have seen our room by now, as mentioned in the previous post “Khao Lak Dreamtrip – May 2014 – Part 3“.

Pretty amazing wasn’t it?

Now, before the meet & greet party begins in the evening, we had a quite bit of time to ourselves… Here, check out our special Dreamtrip counter where we received our goodies.


Right at the lobby, there is this lounge with food and drinks called “Latitude 8”, which was also where got our lunch from.


Here is one of our good friends on the team with us, Simon, ordering our food for a good chill and relax session. Simon’s full-time profession is a real estate specialist.


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The banner couldn’t be more appropriate at such moments. It was on a weekday afternoon, and all we were doing was lounging away on some decent food, talking and knowing better about each other. The best part of this is… it is just the beginning of our vacation! You should be here! #YSBH

The greet and party at night had a colour theme. Make a guess what colour it was. Answers to be revealed in the next post!

Have a fun weekend ahead everyone!


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