Importance of Timing and Opportunity

Luck is

“Why does some people seem to be lucky all the time?”
“How are they able to land on a good opportunity and make it big?”
“If only I were like them… then I…”

Are these some of your inner thoughts too? I have decided to put this article together and place it under the “Money” category because I see people miss out on opportunity so often. And I wonder if it is fair to say, it wasn’t their fault, because if they only knew what was in it for them, they would have reacted very differently.

In general, everything is about timing. For example, in sports – be it basketball or soccer, do you not agree that timing is the CRUX of a victory and loss? Hanging on a thread, sweet victory all lies in that split second before the buzzer goes off. And the basketball legend, Michael Jordan says “You miss 100% of the shots that you do not take.”. For the football fans, here’s for you, do you not agree that most of the time the difference between a winning goal and a goal kick is small little window of opportunity that slips past real fast, for the striker to go for the goal?

Same goes for business. Many innovations, and start-ups, never gained the approval of mass population until results starts showing. By then, the window of opportunity will rapidly clamp down on the fingers of the late-comers. In the corporate world today, many top management leaders are visionaries and opportunists, as well as leaders are valued based on their ability to foresee the unforeseen, having the faith when no one else has.

wright brothers

Example: Wright brothers – a very classic case-study I love to use. When they first started dreaming of making humans fly, everyone thought they were crazy! During their times, it was impossible! Never before seen! And so they say seeing is believing, yet believing without seeing is Faith. Ridiculed by their family, friends and village folks, they pursued their craziness and because of their blind faith,  because of their ACTION, and because they failed and failed and failed and then never giving up…

They altered mankind history FOREVER.

Does it not apply to modern business as well? Look at smartphones, tablets, computers and Facebook.

Bill Gates made a very well-known declaration in his early days that his goal is to have at least one computer in every household in the world. What an audacious declaration! Guess, if he did it?

And if you were given the opportunity to be invited by Mark Zuckerberg to discuss further on Facebook, would you have turned up or turn away? Of course, turn away. No one knew Facebook would such a phenomenon. And often we blame things all around again, except ourselves, by saying “If I only knew…”

Same goes for Life. Everything based on timing, opportunity and ACTION! Action is one of the first key lessons my entrepreneur mentor taught me. Given the best opportunity and timing may lie in front of you right now, nothing will happen if you do not take ACTION! I asked my friends out for coffee or a meal, sometimes just for a casual catch up purely out of my heart, and sometimes to bounce off business ideas to see their take. Believe it or not, I get responses like “Why? What is it for? Are you trying to sell me something? I am -busy- during this period of time. Is it that thing? I think I am not interested.”

Steve Jobs

Now again, given another scenario – Steve Jobs asked for a lunch at his hotel restaurant, 1 PM sharp. How many people would have turned up on time, no questions asked? We do not even know what is that lunch for!

Perceived value, reputation, trust and credibility. These are some of the key factors that are in question. And then again, if you knew that there is no way you could fail being a very extraordinary successful person in life, would you be bothered by that? No.

Same goes for online businesses. Today, I can perform a simple experiment by reaching out to 100 individuals and tell them I have a business idea that I would like to bounce off them. More than half will not respond and nearly none will want to make a decision whether they are part of it or totally not part of it.

In my next part, I will share what are some of the ways to identify a golden opportunity and “perfect” timing. Till then, bear Faith.