Khao Lak Dreamtrip – May 2014 – Part 3

Following up on our previous post “Khao Lak Dreamtrip – May 2014 – Part 2“, the hotel resort that we gladly indulged in was “Le Meridien Khao Lak Beach & Spa Resort”.


This is our room, way larger than what we would have expected and I would say our hotel room is at least 2.5 times the size of my residential bedroom back in Singapore. Or even more.

Did I also mention that the bed was large enough that I can roll 4 times from one end to the other end without me falling off?

What you are seeing in the picture are 4 pillows, 2 regular sized ones and 2 MASSIVE ones. Thankfully all the electrical switches in the room are fully functional. Last thing we want are such nitty gritty details to damage the experience in this luxurious resort.

As you can see too, the bathroom fortunately, or unfortunately, has a clear glass in between. Of course, should the people on the outside decide not to be too much of a voyeur, they may lower the blinds and grant privacy to their room mates. Having said that, this type of rooms are very well suited for couples to retreat into. 5 stars standard, in my opinion.

There’s more.


We found to our delight, a full length sofa with sufficient cushions for pillow fights. The room was like a mini home by itself, fully furnished with a round table and armchair.


Under the flat screen television was the minibar alongside with an in-house wine and liquor bar.


Balcony overlooking the pool. Comes with mosquito netting for the room as well. Quite well-thought, isn’t it?

DSC_1094 DSC_1095

Returning back to the room, let’s have a glimpse of what lies at the entrance to the clear-glass bathroom.


These are the doors leading to the bathroom. Take note, there are no locks on them. Just so you know. 😀


Equipped with a bathtub which also has a retractable shower head, we are spoilt for choices. The stand-up shower area has TWO shower heads, with the usual one in its place, and another one directly at the top of ceiling. As you can see, the stand-up shower area has also been thoughtfully set up with clear glass, having the intention to avoid flooding the entire bathroom.

There are many other small little details in the room that are worthy to take note of, such as:

  • Amazingly cushy house slippers
  • Iron and Ironing board !!
  • Safe
  • Robes
  • Hangars
  • Umbrellas !! (supposedly, in case of wet weather)
  • Plenty of bottled waters (We had about 4 – 6 of them on average per day.)
  • Hair Dryer (Can’t find? Here’s it below.)


Boxed up neatly for your use.

Stay tuned for more review posts on our this trip.


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