Khao Lak Dreamtrip – May 2014 – Part 2

The big surprise upon reaching the hotel lobby was… the staff team was there to welcome us! They did that with a lot of love, giving us personally a handmade flower bracelet each!


Up next right away, was a male butler dishing out chilled and sweetened drinks in refrigerated ceramic cups. Meanwhile another  male staff handed us warm face towels to freshen ourselves. WOW ! Not only is this VIP service, but also the service that we absolutely find useful and heart-warming!

Getting our room keys was really fast. All we had to do is to hand our passport to the staff, he quickly referred and pulled out the form belonging to us, and in under 5 minutes we were on our way to our room. Our luggages were sent up to our room by a bell boy separately and he even gave us a mini-tour around our room. The room was big and pretty amazing, so we very much appreciated his mini-tour service in it.

Shortly after the bell boy left, Faith and I jumped with exhilaration over the beginning of this exciting trip. And wow, we were totally blown away by the VIP services and all the nitty gritty details that they took into account. That was already before we discover there was something else on the table.


Next to the welcome gift was a handwritten card from the General Manager of Le Meridien Khao Lak Beach and Spa Resort to us – personalized with our names on it!


Wow! Can you believe that? And people start wondering exactly – who are we?

Next post, we are going to give a little more detail on our rooms. The best has yet to come!


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