Khao Lak Dreamtrip – May 2014 – Part 1

The travel experience begins when we start considering where we want to go and the proceeds on the selection process, eventually to the booking. This time, we had our club’s concierge service to book the air tickets for us. Their response time was so electrifying fast and very professional as well. They manage to secure the flight that we wanted, the time as well as the price that we narrowed down on. For most people, having a personal assistant to book your vacations seems somewhat far-fetched and hardly ever possible to do so.

And kudos to two incredible individuals, all these has been made possible to our club members.


This was us at Singapore Changi Airport, about to depart for Phuket International Airport, catching an 8:20 AM flight! We were so excited for this trip. You will see why later.



Very amazing view from the clouds, never fail to put us into an epic state of peace.

We arrive shortly at Phuket International Airport, only to be greeted by our club’s banner as we exited the airport. Once again, there was someone waiting to fetch us to our resort. The ride from HKT to Le Meridien Khao Lak Beach & Spa Resort took about 1.5 hours odd. To give an inkling of how big this resort might really be, it was quite a distance from the main gateĀ to the foyer.


Saying this is just the tip of the iceberg is completely an understatement. There was a massive surprise for us when our feet touched the lobby floor. We will leave that to the next post…

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