5 Reasons To Put Up In A Boutique Hotel

If you’ve never stayed in a boutique hotel before, here are some reasons why you should book one soon.

There are so many luxurious and interesting hotels to stay in around the world that there’s almost certainly one at your next holiday destination. Why choose boutique?


Boutique hotels are usually in well sought-after convenient locations. A town house right in the middle of the city, a chateau in rural France or a stunning beach retreat in the Maldives, boutique hotels exist to provide you with the very best location for your holiday. City hotels are in prestigious shopping areas, next to great restaurants, within a stone’s throw from the theatre or stumbling distance from the top nightspots. They provide a retreat in the middle of town where you can wind down, rest your weary feet and take advantage of the staff’s outstanding local knowledge. Alternatively, chill out on a private beach, where your bedroom doors fold open onto the sand and where you can snorkel at ease, experiencing and encountering the ocean wildlife. Or simply just take in the countryside from a castle on top of a hill.



If you want to experience real design, choose a boutique hotel. More than a few art-deco ornaments or modern art in the foyer, these hotels have design running through their core and it is a pleasure to stay somewhere that’s been designed and decorated with an eye for detail and finish. From the accessories in the bathroom to the china in the restaurant, everything is design-led, without being design-conscious.


By nature, boutique hotels are considerably smaller. Even in large buildings, these hotel owners reduce the number of rooms available so that they can increase the size of the rooms and the public spaces and provide better service. The size of a hotel in this sector is not based on how much floor space it has, but how many rooms it offers, because this affects the ambience and the service quality.

spa boutique hotel


Service is of paramount importance in boutique hotels. Hotel staff are specially trained to ensure that guests could ask for nothing more, and yet the service is discreet, so guests don’t feel hassled or intimidated. The lower number of guests at each hotel implies that the service can be impeccable, and it usually is. If you want a personal touch to the service provided, this could be something on your list.


The term “boutique hotels” may give the impression that these hotels are all expensive, but that is not always the case. In fact, you may be surprised by how affordable many of them are. For the same price or very slightly more than you might pay for a very ordinary chain hotel and you could be staying somewhere with real atmosphere and real service. Whilst some of the boutique hotels are very exclusive and therefore very thought to be expensive, many of them are perfectly affordable.