Life Hacks for Travel & Vacation

We have come to narrow down a number of clever life hacks that proved very useful especially in our context of travel.

You are walking in your flip flops along the streets and your flip flop comes off for the gazillionth time! You would have known by the next time, prepare a bread clip and slot it under your flip flops in advance. Highly recommended if you will be walking for quite a bit, or do not wish to purchase a new pair as you shop.


Heading for the beach and not having someone to take care of your belongings? While this method has no guarantees to anti-theft, hiding your valuables somehow may decrease the chances of them pulling the disappearing act on you!


Yet another method of reducing the disappearing act. Never hurts to put some money away, yes? 😉


No power supple, ports or what-nots? No worries…


Very useful tip especially for backpackers, warriors and soldiers who brave the weather for the sake of adventure into their destinations. While nothing stops them, the important document in their care should be well protected too!


It’s the reality way of saying “Be right back”. Although street-wise people never drink from their cup once they come back. Unless you are hoping for the winning lottery ticket of a good night’s adventure.


This works until you meet someone like The Hulk. Remember to video it down if you get dragged down the aisle. It will be way funnier than if you try to catch the thief, plus you stand a chance of an instant viral stardom over internet.


Ah see, I told you. That’s the purpose of Harlem Shake.


You may laugh, but this may potentially save your life and whoever’s on board.


Unless you like to cable-tie your stack of clothes, now you know there is always a better way to do it.


And get a bite too, you never know when’s your next pit-stop. Go to the next level if you dare, hitch a hike from there. That is, if your PR skills can bring you there.


We will add more if we do see things that are interesting and beneficial. Meanwhile, you will not get lost on this site. There are no delivery places, but we still have a menu for your selection. Bon Appetite!