5 Myths That We Grow Up With


There are quite a number of things we were being told up as kids and they stick with us until we turn into adults. Many of such things may not be true yet it takes us a fairly decent amount of time to really sort things out.


1. You need to work hard to earn your money.

Not completely accurate, this myth has been deeply seeded in people such that they do not realize and continue working really hard for most of their lives. More evident in Asians, especially, however the later part of the statement became quite obvious that the society doesn’t works this way. A more favorable school of thought would be: “You need to work smart.”

Teenage Student Studying Hard
2. You need to study hard, get a good job so you can be rich.

How many college drop-outs have you already heard that made it big out there? Quite a number. In fact, they made things seem as though one needs to be a drop-out in order to be a millionaire! Of course, the point is really being, having a good degree does not necessary conclude a good job and hence good money. Being rich and owning a “good job” is completely different from having good results from a good degree. In the times of global economic crisis, job security is no longer as commonly thought. The only constant has now become “change”.


3. You need to have brilliant ground-breaking idea to really earn that big pot of gold.

Statistics have shown that more money have ever been made from innovations compared to inventions. Modify a certain existing idea or product, do something a little different and results will be pretty substantial.


4. You need a lot of money to start a business.

Not at all! There are many business opportunities out there in the market that requires little or no money! And then again, it really depends very much on the product, system and human dynamics to work things out. Like personally, I have launched officially 3 businesses with very little money down. Less than USD $500.00.


5. Active income matters.

Yes, but passive income even more so, if anyone at all is looking at financial freedom.
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