Secrets of Prospecting – 1


What you are about to read is a few secrets that have been hidden from you for decades. These secrets of prospecting have been carefully researched across multiple disciplinary and crafted out after much detailed efforts. With this piece of information, you will be able to walk out onto the streets and literally prospect anyone for your business opportunity.

Now pay attention. These techniques are for you if you are…

  • Business owner or prospective business owner.
  • Self-Employed with people as your main interests.
  • Financial advisers.
  • Real Estate Agent.
  • Wealth portfolio manager.
  • Investment expert.
  • Sales person.
  • Amateur Network Marketeer.


You get the idea. If someone is looking for ways to prospect another person, you are on the right page.

Before we continue, a quick brief introduction of the different types of market, and this will tie in into what is being discussed here.

There are 4 types of market.

  1. Cold Market
  2. Luke-Warm Market
  3. Warm Market
  4. Hi-Credibility People.

I will not be covering the rest of the markets except “Cold Market” as the relevant source of information for discussion here. If readers like to know more about the rest of the markets, let me know, I may consider elaborating on them in future posts.



Cold market basically refer to people with absolutely no trust in you to make a sale. They are best described as people whom you have never knew or was the first time you see them and interact with them. These are the people whom you may have gotten their contacts on the streets or off the internet.

Hint #1: People do not want to be sold. Or at least they do not want to feel as though they have been sold!
Hint #2: Always give them what they want. Add value into their lives and they will come to you.

But wait. That is not the big secret. Most people are not even able to obtain the cold market’s contact number and name. If you are networking, please always bear in mind, you do not have a contact if you do not have his name and number. And most corporate companies out there, try to tap into the cold market by launching roadshows which result in many of their employees standing for hours, trying to get contacts in the pretext of “survey”.

While that may work for a corporate company with resources, employing a wide-fishnet approach, we should also pay attention to how they have been “qualifying” their customers by using the “survey”. If it so happens that the customers do not qualify their target audience, they will be sorted out.

Hint #3: Amateurs Sell, Professionals Sort.

Now, the big secret to getting any contact number and name literally upon demand.
I will be giving one scenario here and another stronger example in the next post, so stay tuned.

Scenario One: Restaurant


Waitress: -serves you the bill tab and waits for you to proceed the payment-

You: Hey thanks for the great customer service, you seem like a very nice individual. How long have you been working here?

Waitress: Haha, thanks. 6 months or so?

You: Do you like it here?

Waitress: Yeah, not too bad I guess. (What she is saying is, if there is a choice, she’d rather not be here.)

You: Are you earning enough?

Waitress: Not really. Or yeah I think it is still all right (She means no. Come on, who in the right mind will ever say she is earning enough. “Earning enough” essentially means she is not open to making more. If so, move on.)

You: If there is a way for you to earn extra $500 per month without influencing whatever you are doing right now, would you be keen to take a look?

Guess what? Chances are… “Sure” or “Yeah, why not?” or… “Er… OK.”

Hint #4: NEVER EVER, EVER, give out your name card unless being asked for it. Applies everywhere and in all kinds of scenarios. If you don’t have your name card with you, even better. Simply say “I ran out of it.” and that shows how well-sought after you are.

You: Cool, what’s your name? -offer handshake or any form of casual/formal physical touch- My name is….

Waitress: Brenda.

You: I will contact you another time to see when you are available. What is your number?

Waitress: xxx-xxx-xxx.

You: Great, see you soon. And oh ya, thank you so much again. You’ve given my wife and I, such a wonderful service tonight. I think you deserve being paid more. (Drop a sincere compliment. Don’t fake it. And I know it will be hard in the beginning, but you will improve gradually. If you are insincere about it, you blow your chance, people can smell from miles away and they will never come near you.)

There we go, the secret model to prospecting. More power-packed scenarios to come, if only you can take more of it.