Residual Income

What is “Residual Income” ?

In simple terms…

Residual Income 2

So what’s the difference?


Do you really get it?


What does the guys at the top says?


What about you? The one reading this.


Listen carefully…


I am only looking for people…

  • who are serious about making massive changes in their lives.
  • who are genuine about doing good for other people at the best of their interest.
  • who are decision makers.
  • who are action-takers.
  • who are entrepreneurial.
  • who dare to look truthfully at themselves, courageous to admit their shortcomings and submit.
  • who wants to have more fun in their lives and their loved ones’ lives.
  • ** Who plays full on **

** You may stop reading here if you are not one of those people as stated above. **

You don’t have to be…

  • Smart
  • Having good grades in school
  • Rich

Because what is going to happen next is…

If you decide to press on despite not fitting into the criteria, the system and process will automatically sort you out. You won’t make it. I repeat. You will not make it.

However, if you decide that you want in…

You will be put to multiple tests. This isn’t a game. This isn’t some marketing shit. No gimmicks. Only the real deal here. And this isn’t for me.

– This will be a SYSTEM guiding you to the path of residual income. –

It really doesn’t affect me. It doesn’t matter if you decide to get started on this journey or not.

This is for YOU. This is your Life.


There will be many people who wants to be on this journey, but I WILL NOT be working with every single one of you.

After YOU get started… the next thing is…

  1. An immediate, personal 1-to-1 Fast Start Training with me.
  2. We will be in close contact for the next 7 days.
  3. At the end of 7 days, we will review on your actions and results.
  4. Then I will choose if I will continue working closely with you for the next 30 – 60 days.

What’s in it for you?

  • Improved lifestyle (Or possibly the lifestyle that you desire)
  • Achieving your personal goals and financial goals.
  • Rewriting your Life Blueprint.
  • The beginnings of residual income.
  • Better health, relationship and career.

Such talks are rampant all over the internet, and you probably might have seen it for too many times that it doesn’t work any more. I am not going to convince you that you need this. 

I already know it works.

And here’s the important message…

I am only choosing 6 people to work closely with after their first 7 days.
What’s the number again?

6 people


No more, no less. Exactly six people.

And really we don’t know when that 6 slots will be fully occupied. I will not try to be a psychic or an internet marketeer who tries to hook you in with all the marketing techniques. This is the truth. 

It can be you. Or someone else.


  • Working whenever and wherever you want.
  • Chances are, you will not even feel that you are “working”.
  • You will absolutely love what you do.
  • NO income ceiling.
  • You will be making the kind of money you desire or possibly even more than you ever thought possible.
  • Going on luxurious vacations more often than you ever did.
  • Gain recognition and respect across the world.
  • Build business across the world.
  • Create a very decent amount of residual income.
  • Build a business that literally thousands of people BEGGING to work for you – for free.

The prize is ridiculously humongous.

I will not accept bullshit. And I will not hesitate to kick you out of this program at any point of time. Simply because what you will be getting is way beyond what you could ever possibly imagine.

Enough talk.

If you are up for the challenge – for yourself and your loved ones…

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