5 Tips on Travelling like a VIP

Why would anyone want to travel like a VIP?

Simple. If you…

  • Simply love the VIP treatment.
  • Believe in pampering yourself or your loved ones.
  • Have already worked hard, so now is the time to play hard!!
  • Want to boost your social media influence.
  • Want to boost your personal nett worth.
  • Want to increase your network and influence!
  • Simply have your personal reasons, etc.


It’s cool. You don’t have to give any explanations to anyone at all, if you like to go the VIP way. We know there is a chance in future, this article may help really a lot of people to pamper themselves and their loved ones. And here is what we have to say about travelling like a VIP.


Who uses social media like myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram? Guess who? 90% of the people who has a working computer or mobile phone that can access the internet, isn’t it? OK, so we do not really have a concrete proof of this particular statistics on social media usage, but we still know that most people uses social media.

Whether you are a student, an employee, a self-employed or business owner – travelling like a VIP matters to a certain extent. Especially if you are seeking out to improve your network and influence, because the logic is very simple. When you treat yourself as the VIP (Very Important Person), people will do the same. Before critics jump into conclusion and judge this statement, consider the following: should you notice on someone’s (say…) Facebook and he posts up lots of photos and videos, having fun, being treated like a VIP in restaurants, resorts and concierge service, what are the first few things that come into your mind?

“Woah, hang on. I know this guy from my school, and holy smokes, what does he do exactly!? Last I remembered, he wasn’t the big shot in class, and look at him. Is that first-class he is travelling on?” – Little voice in our heads.

“How the heck did he travel so often? Is he rich or what? I gotta catch up with him man.” – That little voice sounds off again.

First Class Qantas

Here’s the tiny secret. You don’t have to pay a lot to travel VIP. Eventually, when people recognize you as the VIP, you would be surprised to find out sometimes, you don’t even have to pay to travel VIP.

Step 1: First Class Seats

The VIPs or business owners typically avoid the crowded and rowdy economy class on their flights.

Getting first class seats meant more attention from the air stewardesses and it comes with perks like…

  • Larger leg room (gosh, that would feel so darn good.)
  • Complimentary pillow, blanket and even hot towel.
  • Meals and Drinks included.
  • Inflight entertainment
  • WiFi
  • Priority boarding
  • Private lounges
  • Possibility of bumping into an actual VIP like how Greg S. Reid bumped into Julie Krone and Richard Cohn (Three Feet from Gold by Greg S. Reid, Pg 56-60)

First Class 1

Tight on money? Could use some FREE upgrades? Here’s how:

  1. Travel alone if at all possible. (Very useful on business trips.)
  2. Own a rewards / loyalty program card or frequent flyer card.
  3. Book an off-peak flight.
  4. Dress smartly. (VIPs do not dress shabbily, do they?)
  5. Open up our polite mouth and ask very nicely if they have available spaces for free upgrades.
  6. Keep a look out for airline promo card, rewards program card or credit card. They can come with great savings or even provide an immediate free upgrade for your flight.

First Class Oman

“I would really appreciate some peace before meeting a very important person at __ destination __. But only if you have sufficient seats, that is.”

Smile and add a little charisma. It is a fact the global economy had been failing and airlines often take off without full capacity. Notice the words used such as “you” because language matters to the brain, and by that use of language, you imply empowerment to the person checking in for you. He or she, suddenly has the power to upgrade you if he/she wishes to. (They have it in them all the times, you just have to remind them.)

Step 2: Wear your life on your sleeves.

As mentioned in the previous step, how you dress affects whether you are treated like a VIP automatically.

VIP Gentlemen 1

For the gentlemen, try the following:

  • Aviator Sunglasses
  • Blazer (well suited for both leisure trips and business trips – casual and formal occasions)
  • Outstanding necktie (if you are on business trip especially)
  • A reasonably notable watch
  • And really, your posture – the way you walk, talk and behave. Keep things cool.

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For the ladies, you know better:

  • Fashionable shades
  • Neck accessory
  • Scarf
  • Designer bag
  • Possibly even a hat (notice how you could already start forming images in your head.)


VIPs tend to “accidentally” give away their status by the clothes they don and the things they carry on hand. It only takes that extra 3 minutes to consider thoughtfully on how to doll up ourselves, yet the impression on people can be lasting.

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Strictly no-no:

  • Sports attire such as a sweat suit or gym attire
  • Baggy singlet top (unless you have a thick gold chain, looking at dressing up as a rapper.)
  • Shorts (are so informal!)
  • Flip flops and slippers. (We’re not on the beach yet!)

Step 3: Events, destinations and hotspots

Travel to where the celebrities and VIP go to. Do a little research and find out which are the recommendations. Follow the trail!

For example, if you are planning on a vacation to South of France, you may do it during the Cannes Film Festival. To Los Angeles, during the Oscars or the Golden Globes.

south of france 1

So chances are either you are taken as a VIP, or you get to see some VIPs as well. Win-win situation for you, cool?

And if at all possible, book an all-inclusive which should include all-you-can-eat food and drinks. Then you do not have to worry about budgeting thereafter, just relax and enjoy your well-deserved vacation.

Step 4: Concierge service

airport transfer

Arrange for airport transfers and land transfers if at all possible. Wouldn’t it be worth the experience if the moment you touch down at the airport and someone is waiting at the gates for you with this huge sign bearing your name? And that is what VIPs enjoy. Pamper yourself a little and pamper your loved ones to this special experience.


There are also services such as priority boarding and VIP treatment where they literally lead you from check-in past the security and to the boarding gates. Various airlines should have their own VIP treatment process, such as American airlines and Delta Airlines. Priority boarding is pretty straightforward and is something that you can opt-in at very minimal cost.

In fact, there is another method to get all of these specialized attention at low cost to NO COST at all. We will come to that secret, towards the end of this article.

Step 5: Clubs, Rewards Programs

Last but not least, in fact this is where the secret is. Get into a club or rewards program.

Air miles

Many airlines and resorts out there uses a form of rewards program or credit card to reward customers for their loyalty to their company and hence known as “Rewards program”. It is also very often where the promotion to get customers to sign up these programs come with a certain benefit that customers may use immediately, such as free upgrades or a certain VIP treatment that non-reward program members could have never gotten.

Not only do these programs offer customers discounted prices or even free upgrades,  they often provide a preferential treatment – hence the VIP treatment, to subdue consumer loyalty!


1--MegaTrip Aug 8-12

Pay close attention to this one. If budget is an issue to all of the above steps earlier, here is your savior. There are many clubs out there that run on the same exact concept such as a Gym Membership, Spa Membership or even a Supermarket bulk purchase membership (Sam’s, Tesco, Walmart). One just need to know which travel club to decide on. The perks typically include exclusive VIP treatment for members-only at a discounted price.

We have heard of the usual few travel clubs – Rovia, Club Med, World Vacations Club, Unison Travel Club etc.

Here is THE travel club that we recommend:

World Travel Awards

Rovia, the GOLD award winner of the “Best Travel Club” in 2013 by World Travel Awards.
World Travel Awards as Wall Street Journal puts it “The travel industry’s equivalent to the Oscar’s”.

Rovia offers something they call “Dreamtrips” which the trip has been claimed to be THAT good. Something you have dreamed of but never experienced yet. That is how confident this company is. On top of all the ridiculously low prices you receive as a member, the other intangible benefits the club boasts are the unique peak-life experiences you may never get from elsewhere. They deal only with luxurious  hotels minimum 4 stars and above, all-inclusive resorts, various sporting events and tours. And that is not even the “Luxury Dreamtrips” upgrade yet. “Luxury Dreamtrips” cost a little more than “Dreamtrips” but the tours are that of those multi-millionaire standards such as a private helicopter tour to the mountains as such.


Rovia tops the world when it boils down to peak customer service. Not only there is private concierge service at your beck and call, there may also be private airport transfers on your dreamtrip. They usually also include a “Dreamtrip host” like a VIP nanny for VIPs. Need an extra pillow or like to arrange something special for your spouse? Contact your Host. In fact, before your trip, you would have receive your private itinerary folder sharing extensive information you need to know for your upcoming VIP treatment, and sometimes they even call you up personally.


So if one is looking at affordable prices to receive VIP treatment – in a single step – getting into a travel club tops the chart.

Want to know more about Rovia? And considering to get into this VIP travel club? Check out our page.
Or choose to email either Faith or I at…

  • feythbiz@gmail.com
  • KennethVacations@gmail.com

Finally, hoping this article offers real value to readers across the world. Have fun travelling like a VIP.


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