5 Pro Tips for Packing Wisely for Vacation

Are you doing your last minute checklist for the upcoming vacation? Or are you simply running short of time before you fly off? Let us just assume this is a vacation that we are discussing about and you are looking forward to this holiday for months, yet due to workload to clear before you fly off, you didn’t have much time to go through the thought process of packing.

Come on, this is a vacation. Relax.


  1. This is a holiday. A vacation. Whatever you call it, you will be having a blast.
  2. You are using the most popular luggage size – the typical 27″ wheeled luggage.

Luggage size

Here is where we come in. In this article, we are going to turn YOU into a pro vacationer, someone who travels for vacation so often that he or she knows how to exactly pack fast and smart (and light too, if necessary).

1. Categorize your list

 It is recommended for you to create a packing list for two very good reasons. The list is definitely useful when it comes to packing for the vacation and ensuring that we have got everything that we needed packed into the luggage snugly. Additionally, the very same list also helps to ensure that nothing is left out on the return trip. Hence, despite having the possibility of possessing a super memory and conjuring the packing checklist within one’s mind, we recommend you to possess a physical hard copy of the packing list.

Ideally,  it should be A4 size. You will understand more in a while.

reminder list

Split the list into various categories such as:

  • Day Wear
  • Night Wear
  • Undergarments
  • Footwear
  • Accessories
  • Toiletries
  • Equipment
  • Documents

For the record, the hard copy list belongs in “Documents”.

2. Note the Duration of Vacation

Many people might think this aspect is common sense. Trust us, common sense is a rare commodity. Why and what would be the purpose of noting the duration of vacation?

Simple. You really do not want to over pack. Has anyone ever seen a tiny lady lugging her 36″ hard casing portable wardrobe with her around the world? Sometimes if you observe closely enough, there might even be a poodle’s tail sticking out of that luggage.


If one is going away on a 5 days 4 nights trip, he or she should not be packing 14 days worth of clothes. Conversely speaking, with all jokes aside, going on a 14 days trip across the Africa safari may not necessary warrant for 14 days of clothes as well. In a very blunt manner, pack only the essentials and the necessities. Going on a 14 days trip may actually only require possibly at best 6 – 8 days worth of clothes – that is provided you are not going for a mud bath every single day and that you have a reasonable hotel service, just in case.

Also, the duration of the vacation matters when it comes to supplies like one’s toiletries, medication, batteries or memory card. Make sure you bring sufficiently and not overly.

3. Activities

Consider the activities that you might be doing throughout the trip. Could you be expecting an adventure day or two? Or could you be expecting a luxurious and romantic dinner in Paris? And the possibility of jumping into the pool?


Going through your itinerary or looking out for possible highlights at your destination might just help you in many ways that you did not expect to. This will help you plan what clothing is suitable for the trip, the equipment and accessories.

4. Roll em’ up!

Rolling your clothes up not only help conserve space, negate crease but also help you to select the clothing that you want without uprooting the entire pile of clothes in your luggage.

To negate the crease on your clothes, you would really want to practice a number of times on how to roll them correctly. And of course some patience in the beginning, but it is definitely worthwhile.

Do not know how to roll up clothes yet? Check out our previous article on rolling them up!

5. Shoes

Shoes as we know can be rather tricky to schedule it within the hard case luggage. No way either of the solids are backing down so that everything fits nicely for your sweet, lovely vacation. Stuff it down all the way at the bottom, ideally in a plastic bag, or waterproof ziploc (re-sealable) bag.


Also, see if you could possibly wear that pair of shoes on the day of your departure. Don’t forget there is one pair on your feet still. Especially if that pair of shoes is hard to contain or takes up too much space in the luggage.

Likewise, for casual footwear or beach footwear such as flip flops, slippers and sandals, there is a very high possibility you can fold them up in such a way the sole of each side meets the other sole. Compact them nicely and tuck them into a corner. For obvious hygiene reasons, you should always place any footwear in separate waterproof bags.

To further save space on packing, consider the following:

  • Stuff socks into the odd-shaped footwear. (Utilize every inch!)
  • In a given decent hotel of any decent country, house slippers are usually provided as part of guest’s privileges. How you might take advantage of this point, is completely up to your own imagination.

With that, we conclude this very short article on providing tips to pack wisely for your vacation.
If this article has helped, indicate your interest to us and that will enable us to provide more detailed articles in future, also possibly including some tools to help you plan for your holidays.

We wish you the best of your vacation and remember your passports!

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