What’s on your Bucket List?

The term “bucket list” simply gets more and more common with the help of Internet and word of mouth. People are using this term to strike very intriguing conversations among each other. So what is the bucket list?

A quick Google Image search shows certain insights about people’s understanding about “The Bucket List”.

Google Bucket List

Not sure if you can read the words (or maybe you can do a search on your own), there are images showing up that read “Summer Bucket List”, “Fall Bucket List”.

To get a good understanding of the term “Bucket List”, watch the movie: The Bucket List.


The 2007 comedy-drama film starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman takes on a light-hearted approach to address a serious topic. The bucket list meant the list of things you want to do before you “kick the bucket” – bluntly put, before you die.

That is the difference between goals and bucket lists. It may be likened to checklist of “to-do” vs lifelong goals. To-do lists as we all know, are usually short termed, otherwise what really is the point of having them in the first place. They help us to stay focus on what we want to achieve for that day. Goals are minor milestones we set for ourselves (or the project team) to work actively and inch bit by bit toward it. Short term goals may range from 3 – 5 years, while mid term goals may range up to 10 years in advance. Long term goals are the ones we often see in investments, such as 15 years – 30 years.

The bucket list is a form of long term goal, or rather, a better way of putting it – lifelong goals. Things you want to do (be it in a rush now or not), before you fit into the casket nicely.

Do you have one?

And if one were to consider in depth about the entire concept, then we might have asked ourselves questions like…

1. Why did we wait till time is running out, before we start doing the things we want?

2. What happened for the past xx years?

The truth is, most people would have wanted to do many things since young, such as

  1. Be an astronaut, get on a spacecraft and walk on the moon.
  2. Travel around the world.
  3. Be a rock star, a singer, a model, a ballerina.
  4. Ride a race car.
  5. Visit famous waterfalls or architectures.
  6. Own a massive walk-in wardrobe! (Ladies, won’t you say yes to this?)
  7. Get onto the highest mountains.
  8. Help out the 3rd world countries.
  9. Romantic dinner in Paris.
  10. Get paid to play !? (It’s possible, we know it.)
  11. Own a castle or a “Necker Island”.
  12. Own a yacht and be a sailor (or pirate).
  13. Marry a beautiful wife and have a happy, blessed family.

And the list goes on and on, depending on what every unique individual want for themselves.

But, what happened? Reality hits, that… some goals are simply too outrageous? Or simply because we have given up hope that it isn’t achievable at all? Someone burst our bubble?

And here’s something I really like… it is imprinted on my desk calendar.


I am really tempted to digress into another familiar topic of “Reality Circle vs Dream Circle”, but I will probably do that in another post. Let’s stay focus and get back on track.

Were some of the examples stated earlier, reflected some of YOUR own items on the bucket list?

I will share some of mine:

  • Travel to various destinations around the world. Some locations were mentioned here before.
  • I definitely, definitely love to have a Ferrari Enzo.


  • Own a private land on which is our self-designed home (Faith and I).
  • Add Japanese and French into my language list.
  • Be an International Expert in Psychology, Physics and Medical Sciences.
  • *New* Be the best husband and father ever.
  • $500, 000 unique wedding for Faith and I.
  • Fibonfond – An institute as well as a social branch.
  • Own a single-brand MNC.
  • Retire my parents, by which they can do what they want without being bounded by financial constraints. It’s really about high time they enjoy the rest of their lives.
  • Fund Faith for all that she wants to do – inclusive of a possible degree education in criminal psychology.
  • I definitely want to sky dive as well.


The list goes on. And you may notice this or not, sometimes the best things in life isn’t money, but without money, there are many things that proved more challenging than having money to do so. Also, the most important things in life, definitely isn’t money – it is the relationship between you and your loved ones. It is the experience we have in this life time.

I definitely want to give my loved ones the best experiences ever. Wouldn’t you have wanted the same? If you are a parent, you couldn’t have agreed more.

With that… I would implore on our readers to take some time out to compile their bucket list. I would absolutely like to hear what’s on YOUR list and continue to serve everyone as a motivating factor.