The Unique & Special – 2

“The Unique & Special” series showcases various unconventional hotels and vacation accommodation in the world. They are typically one-of-a-kind and delivers a unique experience to its visitors.

Jules’ Undersea Lodge

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Where: Key Largo, Florida, United States of America
(51 Shoreland Dr, Key Largo, FL 33037, United States)

As the name suggests, this is the only underwater hotel found in USA! Situated 30 feet deep on the ocean floor, guests have to scuba dive to get into this cottage sized building. This secret underwater clubhouse is nowhere short of the usual comforts of a hotel where hot showers are provided alongside with well-equipped kitchen. Of course, cozy beds too!

Began as La Chalupa Research Laboratory, this entire structure is completely underwater, located in a complete natural nursery area for many reef fish and other marine lifeforms. It is filled with compressed air throughout so water does not rises up and flood the rooms. Divers can enter and exit this underwater lodge from a 5 by 7 feet “moon pool”.

Although this may sound like certified-only divers attraction, guests who have never dived before can still in Jules’ Undersea Lodge. A short 3-hour long class allows non-certified divers to get acquainted with the equipment and procedures necessary for a comfortable dive with the Lodge’s dive instructors.

What’s more:

Typically shared by 2 different couples, it can also accommodate a group of 6 friends. Couples may arrange exclusive use such that they are the only lovers in the world spending intimate time within this underwater world. The lodge also provides underwater wedding packages. A mer-chef is also optional whereby the chef dives into the lodge and prepare a sumptuous meal for the guests.

WiFi: Provided!


Couples – USD $800.00
Single Occupancy – USD $675.00
Group of 3-4 – $350.00 per person
Group of 5-6 – $300.00 per person

Exclusive night for lovers – $1,395.00 per night.

Contact Jules’ Undersea Lodge here.