Last 4 days!

We know we have never mentioned this before yet – not officially. But we have to, this is seriously race against time.

What is important is… it will affect you.

Not us. Because we are already in it!

The both of us, Faith and I, are already in this travel club that has absolutely changed our lives. Ever heard of travelling and getting paid? Maybe? Well, it’s real. Cashed out and started earning passive income from it. It’s dead simple! And gosh are we excited about going for another trip this December!!!

There’s this promo ending on 30 Sept 2013, which after that, Any of the special benefits will either be greatly reduced or determined no-more. So, please no matter what, follow what we have to share and make a decision before 30 Sept 2013, because it may be the largest thing you have ever seen!!!

Check this website out: here.
Scroll to the bottom.

Click on the “2” tab and press the play button right in the middle of the website. Watch it this quick 16 mins video, created by our dear friend and leader – whom have made more than 1.4 million on average per year, after seeing this concept. This is no joke at all.


Proceed to “1” tab and “3” tab if you like to. These videos will reassure you and affirm you of what you just saw.

Now – 2 options.
1. You may choose to sign up via the top right orange button “Sign Up” or…

2. Alternatively, you may contact us first via my email:

We would recommend the email, because we want to be there and guide you through, making sure you get a head-start in this club proper.

Now !!!

Why before 30 Sept 2013?

Simple. Because of this program called “Rewards Program.” Where, when you joined, you will be given 200 credits to be used on your next dreamtrip. Each credit is worth 1 USD. Awesome isn’t it?


Again, contact me for any questions, and I can explain further.

You may also download the Rewards FAQ PDF here.

Hurry the clock is ticking!!!

I sincerely apologize we took so long to reveal this to everyone! But this is it. We’ve got the deal. Venture in, and you shall see everything is right there.

See you guys on one of the trips soon!!!!