Kenting, Taiwan – Scenic Attractions Part 3

**Updated: 18 April 2015 **

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Kenting, Taiwan by Money and Travel
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Quiz from our previous post:

Did you know? We rode 5 different vehicle rides for the first time on this trip! Jeep riding is one of them! Guess what else did we ride on?”

1. Scooter
2. Jeep Riding
3. ??
4. ??
5. ??

Here watch this:

Bingo! Horse Riding!

As for the location of the horse riding, the one we located was on the route back from Chu Huo area, into the Kenting Downtown area. It is on the right side of the road and it will be very prominent. So if you are riding the scooter, just as we did, then follow the road back into the downtown area and you should be able to see it quite easily.

We paid NT$100 for each person to go around the ring once. Pale in comparison to the Jeep Riding, this experience can be exciting for first-timers. A casual, laid back ride around to give you the feel of how it is like to ride a horse. Of course, if anyone prefers more experience with horse riding, there are further upgrades to various packages at a much higher price.


Prices are as shown in the photo above. Bless you if you can’t read Mandarin characters, but at least you can understand the numbers. (By the way, the girl in the photo was totally unintended.)

Further down later…

Likewise, just along the same stretch of road, and according to our memory, it wasn’t that far before we came across… ATV RIDING!!

Unfortunately, we couldn’t take any photos or maybe we were too high over the experience, we forgotten to take any photos.The ATV riding includes a training course to familiarise new players to the vehicle as well as for the instructors to assess if each individual is suitable to advance to more challenging courses. Full riding helmet is provided!

The ATV riding outpost that we experienced, had two mounds included in their circuit. It allowed us to ride up the slope and experience a similar scenario to how it might be like riding ATV up and down the hill.

Lastly, be forewarned that if the ground conditions appear to be anywhere near muddy, your back might be covered with all the mud spewed up by all the action.

As for the price, prepare about NT$800 – NT$1200 per person. Depends on which ATV vendor you go to, that is.


So far, we have already sat on 4 brand new rides for the first time!

1. Scooter
2. Jeep Riding
3. Horse Riding
4. ATV
5. ????

What’s the last one!?

Hint: Actually can it be considered only one ride? Or multiple brand new rides? Hmm…