Kenting, Taiwan – Scenic Attractions Part 2

**Updated: 18 April 2015 **

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Kenting, Taiwan by Money and Travel
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For the adrenaline junkies, the adventurers and the sports people, this post is for you!

Previously we talked about riding on a scooter for multiple reasons, and some of which includes the freedom to visit wherever you like, and enjoying the whole travelling experience of exploring the area on your own!

Check out this map for a feel of the routes we took!

Scooter RouteSee that yellow route? That is the main road around the entire Kenting, and we were advised to travel along that route by the owners of the scooter rental shop.

Now who’s ready for some Jeep riding? Yes, Jeep! One of our very memorable rides, because Faith has a huge liking for Jeeps. She finds them strong, sturdy and has an unique personality. The initial jeep riding shop we came across was at the food corner junction, as we headed up north on the right shoreline, just before we turn left. Apparently when we were there, they were out on a two-hour ride and we didn’t wanted to wait. Very reluctantly, we continued on our route. (Should have seen Faith’s puppy eyes lol.)

I was half guessing that couldn’t be the only Jeep shop around, so we were on the lookout along the way. Then after a pretty long distance (only now then we realized), we came across another Jeep shop! This is the one that we decided to give it a shot!

Jeep Riding Location

Photo credits to Google Maps. But it looked exactly the same as our experience, and just about the same visuals that caught our attention! If you are short sighted, then the moment you see something like that, you pretty much would have arrived at the same spot that we were at.

Jeep Riding Location_Pic 2

There were other “companies” / shops nearby as well. And it seemed pretty common along this stretch. The full coverage in this post will reveal why we think it’s one of the major income staples for the locals here.

Anyway, for your convenience, we have also included a map that pinpoints exactly where this Jeep shop is at.

Jeep Riding Location Map

The Jeep Ride usually takes 4 passengers at one go. There was only Faith and I back then, so the driver made an exception and provided an exclusive tour for us. It was our first time riding and the driver would prompt us when it is fine to stand up and when isn’t.

Fortunately, we managed to snap a video within the first few minutes of our ride!

The uncle first brought us up to the top of a hill (or mountain, I think) and offered to take photos for us. We spent a good 15 minutes or so over there, nearly running out of poses for the photos. Then again, if that’s the case, the uncle seems experienced enough to keep prompting us on what poses we can assume.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From prior research, we were also looking forward for the Jeep to embark some form of steep terrain or so. The uncle didn’t exactly drive us crazily all over various terrains, but I guess the ride up and down the mountain was fairly steep enough.

What we didn’t expect was he brought us to this Jeep circuit and we had about 3 rounds of the Jeep version of roller-coaster experience! No joke at all! The circuit was constructed with high mounds with steep drops, as well as steep and elevated bends. Not sure if anyone can visualize what we been through. There were various points during the circuit we were tilted at a good 65 degrees or so. Gents, train your arms before this trip! You will need lots of arm power! Given the nature of this circuit, we couldn’t manage to take any photos or videos.

We did try actually, to no avail of course. And to avoid risking our phones flying out, we decided it will be better to keep them tight to us.

This is where we think that Jeep riding is a very lucrative business in this vicinity. Apparently, drivers from different shops and companies will drop by this circuit to bring their passengers on a good ride. Before entering the circuit, the drivers actually had to queue up to use this circuit. Additionally, they had to pay an entrance fee too! We were under the impression that the circuit operates independently and does not belong to any of these Jeep shops.

As the Jeep Riding experience is also usually charged based on the route, the options picked and the duration especially. Just as we thought the circuit might just be the grand finale, the driver turned over to ask how wet would we want to get. Soaked, slightly damp, or just sprinkles.

Us being us, we chose slightly damp. To our delight, the driver threw in the water riding option without additional charge! We can attest that after this experience, Faith only fell for Jeeps even more. These vehicles are absolutely insanely rugged, tearing through and running over all sorts of terrain. The uncle brought us to a nearby river (or was it considered a stream in their standards?) then he would speed up occasionally. Disregard the adrenaline rush. DO NOT OPEN YOUR MOUTH!

Because we did initially, until muddy water entered our mouth. Still a very fun experience after all!

Returning back to our scooter only made the scooter look like a little lamb compared to the monstrous and powerful behemoth. OK, maybe not behemoth. The one we took wasn’t those monster Jeeps, but oh well you get the idea.

Did you know? We rode 5 different vehicle rides for the first time on this trip! Jeep riding is one of them! Guess what else did we ride on?

Coming next: Scenic Attractions – Part 3. We will be sharing more of our adventure tales!


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