Kenting, Taiwan – Scenic Attractions Part 1

**Updated: 18 April 2015 **

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Kenting, Taiwan by Money and Travel
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So now… what’s great at Kenting? I’m going to place what really caught our eyes first.

Must Go Places

Chuhuo Nature Fire Park

Hengchun Chuhuo is one of Hengchun’s unique treasures. It leaks out natural gas that rises through the cracked mudstone under Earth’s surface. When lighted, the fire never stops! These distinctive flames can be seen year-round and best during dry seasons.


It is of course, best viewed during evenings or in the night. (You may like to bring a torch or flashlight as there are no lights in that area).

chuhuo night

Looks epic yes? Next up…


We can’t really describe how it feels and looks like. The both of us came to a conclusion: You really got to be there yourself to experience it.

Kenneth lighting up a mini fireworks rocket
Kenneth lighting up a mini fireworks rocket

Where to get the fireworks rocket? There will be a wide variety for purchase at the carpark into the ChuHuo Nature Park. During our visit there were only 4 stalls, of which the rest sold food and drinks. (Thank goodness for that.)

Here’s one you can buy from:


We bought ours at NT $150, and there was a stand loan to us for the lighting up. The rest of the fireworks rocket were priced between NT$100 each to NT$3000 for either entire box or a really big rocket. 😉

How to get to ChuHuo Nature Fire Park

Henchun Town Map

We assume you are going by your own means of transport, be it a rental car or scooter. The major landmark to look out for is the 7-11 convenience store. There are two in Hengchun Town. Assuming you are heading to Hengchun from Kenting, the first 7-11 on the left side of the junction will bring you to Guanshan and if you head forward instead of turning left at that junction, you will need to look out for a 7-11 convenience store on the right, of which turn right before going past the 7-11.

HengChun Zoomed in

After which, you will head down this quiet road for about less than 5 minutes. Either way, once you are on this road, you should be quite safe. There are signs around the area directing you to the carpark of ChuHuo Nature Fire Park. You may park your vehicle there for free and proceed down the stairs to watch the natural phenomenon.

Guanshan Sunset

guanshan sunset

Lots of people, get there early to "reserve" your spot
Lots of people, get there early to “reserve” your spot

Sunset Time is about 6:40pm (Local time)

Guanshan is renowned as one of 8 great views in Southern Taiwan, and apart from being a popular sunset viewing spot, it also provides fascinating views of the west coast, South Bay (Nanwan) and Longluan Lake (Longluantan).

View from the pavilion - left-most.
Left-most view from the pavilion

The pavilion next to the Fude Temple (Gaoshanyen) on Guanshan Trail offers the best viewing point for sunset scenery.


This is the Guanshan Trail, where along the way if your view isn’t obscured by either trees or other sunset viewers, you should be able to see the sun dips smoothly into the ocean and beyond the horizon.

Part of the amazing view in front of the temple.

Panoramic views of Kenting Peninsula and Eluanbi can be viewed from the front of Fude Temple. It is believe that there are 5 caves in Guanshan and the cave in front of Fude Temple is the junction of the 5.

Tip: You should really bring insect / mosquito repellent. We wished that was something we thought of, before getting there.

How to get to Guanshan from Kenting?

1. Back again with this travel-transport guide. From Kenting Main Street, take the Kenting Shuttle Bus or any public bus (Kuo Kuang, Chungnan, PingtungKaohsiung or Kenting Express) heading to Hengchun.

Fare: NT$27
Duration: 15~20 mins

2. From Hengchun, take the express bus bound for Wanlitung. Alight at Pinlanken stop and walk about 20 mins.

3. Alternatively, you may just want to take a cab from Kenting Main Street.

4. Take a scooter up – just like what we did. You should really grab a local map if you are attempting this option, and then ask the locations, especially the ones whom you rent your scooter from. They are very well-versed in the area, I mean, they do it for a living, for that many years.


It will really help if you can speak simple Mandarin – like “How to go to…”. The rest is quite well-taken care of when they point to you on the map.

Now now… quite a bit about scenic views huh? I’ll come back to them later…

Hang on, especially those seeking to have more fun and adventure!


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