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**Updated: 18 April 2015 **

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Kenting, Taiwan by Money and Travel
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Here’s another part on our adventures in Kenting!

We are going to share the following:

  • Accommodations
  • People
  • Food
  • Other observations


It is amazing to see how many hostels and resorts there were in Kenting! However, we would recommend you to book your accommodation beforehand, especially if you are arriving during their summer break or on weekends. Rooms get filled up fast so you would not like being stranded on the street looking for a vacancy, do you? ;p

You can make your bookings through the following links:
1. /

Experience taught us very well, be it flight tickets or hotels – it is better to get them from
They offer very good promises and pledges to help offset everything else.
Tips: Some keywords you guys might find useful when searching online are… Kenting, Kending, Pintung, Hengchun, Zuoying, Taiwan.

Well for ourselves, we have set our eyes on a few accommodations for our next visit:

#1     Chateau Beach Resort
It is located by the sea. Breathtaking sceneries! You might want to put it in your bucket list for Kenting!

This is romantic :3
This is romantic :3

#2     Hotel de Plus
Hotel de Plus has a unique architecture design. Trust us, it looks elegant and gorgeous with its amazing seaview.

Hotel de Plus @ 佳樂水
Hotel de Plus @ 佳樂水

Did we mention it look like a piece of white cheese? hahaha. And we suppose white is the way to go 😀 Look at the rooms! (Photo credits are not ours to claim!)

A sweet white valentine <3
A sweet white valentine ❤
Dorm like!
Dorm like!
Sunset :3
Sunset :3

Ah, one possible con is that it is pretty isolated, a distance away from town. It can be quite inconvenient if one does not have own transport. However, the tranquility made up for its disadvantage :3

#3     El Puerto
What caught our eyes was the dramatic, funky and big drawings on its building wall. Great marketing! 😀 It is positioned more in a small town, hence you are still able to rent bikes etc.

Onlookers can't miss that out!
Onlookers can’t miss that out!
Hang out!
Hang out!
Simple enough!
Simple enough!

Other than hostels and resorts, we noticed that there were camping sites. Sadly, we do not really know how the camping sites work and we welcome your tip off on this aspect if you know! (:


The people we met were generally nice. The service personnels were patient, smiley and helpful. We were really satisfied 😀

We were also lucky and grateful to have very understanding and patient motorists who showed us concern while on the road. We were trying hard to manage the congested traffic and narrow lanes back then. We almost had everyone’s safety compromised. If you ever got into the same situation as we did, remember to take the initiative to apologise and seek their understanding!


Fried Oreo

Faith’s favourite during the trip is the tasty FRIED OREO!!! Something we do not have in Singapore!


This can be found at Kenting’s night market! We bought it at 6 for NT$100. You can select up to 5 varieties: Oreo original, Golden Oreo, Chocolate Oreo, Snickers and Twix. It is a must try! 😀

The different types of Oreo at your mercy!
The different types of Oreo at your mercy!

Student Chicken Bar

Student Chicken Bar?
Student Chicken Bar?

This stall, also along the main Kenting street, caught our attention and we were wondering why there were quite a number of people crowding around it. It reads “Student Chicken Bar” and we decided just order one of it to see what was it all about. On the stall, it reads freshly cooked on the spot. Watch for the clue in the following picture:

Reverse Wok !!???
Reverse Wok !!???

Not quite a reverse wok, apparently it is a specially modified cooking tool that heats up and “cook” the wrap. Oops. I said it. It’s a wrap actually. This stall is managed by a middle-aged couple, while the Aunty manages the meat and fillings, the Uncle rolls and make the dough on the spot. The end result is very similar to the Turkish Kebab, where they put meat into the wrap, add some delicious sauce and fold it up. It was good and decent. If you are looking for at least one decent food to fill up your stomach, this would be it. We shared this one though, it’s too early to be full! We paid about NT$50 for one.

Flavoured breadstick?


Confession: We didn’t try this one, but it definitely looks interesting, so we got a picture of it anyway. It looked like some fried dough stick or bread baguette type with different flavours on them.

Grilled / BBQ Fresh Oyster


This can be found pretty much common along the main Kenting Street night market, they simply put the fresh oyster onto fire and off you go and have a tasty sample of them. Again, we didn’t try but gosh the smell is soooo good ~ *Salivates and drools* We saw people scooping up the oyster directly from the shell and plop! down it goes into their mouth. That blissful expression on their face, OK I added this part in on my own, why didn’t I try it back then !!???

Wild Boar Meat and Sausages


Now, if you are looking for badass food, we reckon this is one of them. Wild Boar Meat! It has very distinctive black shade on it, and separates itself clearly from the rest of the meat. Have you ever seen Wild Boar? Gross! From personal experience, Wild Boars are extremely fast and agile, and they have been said to have really thick skin. OK, I can attest to that, I have seen Wild Boars running right through the Concertina wire and they were not injured a single bit. We definitely didn’t try this one, couldn’t bring ourselves to it. Maybe it’s just us.

Fried Milk !??


Fried milk on a stick! Where else have you heard of that before?

We got curious and at the same time – skeptical. 1 stick for NT$20 and 3 for NT$50. It’s a steal, but still we bought only one to try. And we asked how did they manage to fry the milk anyway!?


This is how it looks like. They somehow manage to get the milk / yoghurt to form a semi-solid cube, in which dipped with batter before throwing it into the pool wok of hot oil. Ta-dah! It’s pretty plain in our opinion, but then again, when did “white” fresh milk tasted delicious? Maybe chocolate milk, yummy.

“Concept stalls”

We noticed a few stalls and vendors that are worthy of special mention.

Hey! Whatcha doing to the car !?
Hey! Whatcha doing to the car !?

This guy looked like he is really having a smashing good time barbecuing food on his car! What is going on??

Spot his feet!
Spot his feet!

Ah, so yeah this is what it’s all about. The booty of the sexy car, as a storefront. How creative!

Strolling down the street further, you could see every now and then something similar to this, merely selling different food such as Mexican Buffalo Wings or some beef steaks. Could they have been under the same group? Hmm…

Beef sticks! I mean steaks! Or is it chops?
Beef sticks! I mean steaks! Or is it chops?

Roadside standing liquor bars

Hey what’s this?


It’s bright and quite a crowd sticking around, so what is this all about! Let’s find out.


Most people wouldn’t find it too appealing to have a drink on the night market street, but interestingly people around here found it a novelty and who cares!? We have to give in, they were special and stood out among the rest in this massive crowd. Their marketing strategy, we would comment, was pretty unique and really brought up a never-before vibe. And the both of us really like their logo! (Faith is a communications and branding expert, so this is her specialized field =p )


Ocean Blue

This restaurant is near to the “Xiaowan” beach and towards the end of night market. Ocean Blue exhibits a unique flavor that lures people who are looking for a chic and decent place to dine and hangout. It is pretty common here to find eateries that offer menu like “4 dishes + 1 soup for xx price” so it’s pretty much the same for Ocean Blue as well. They have couple menu too, if my memory did not fail me. We didn’t enter this one though we won’t deny, Ocean Blue caught our attention for many days.

Amy’s Cucina

An Italian restaurant that serves spaghetti, pizza, finger food and liquor. Made of lodge theme, entering this restaurant brings back memories of days in the old wild wild west then again snapping its customers back into a bright modern reality. We were allocated the 3rd storey and we believe there is even a 4th storey to it. On the 3rd storey, there is a small outdoor balcony that overlooks the Kenting Main Street Night Market, capable of fitting about 2 to 3 tables.

We sat indoors and had our little romantic dinner date.


The beauty had her creamy seafood spaghetti, which comprises of clams, squid and shrimps. Did I left out anything? Yummy ~ *drools*


The husband  hunk had White Wine Clams Spaghetti, damn good, you should really try it. We ordered their Fried Calamari Rings as well… which tasted OK in comparison to Darling Habour’s seafood (Sydney, Australia) but oh well then again, compared to ordinary restaurants out there both in Taiwan and Singapore, it’s pretty decent already. 😉

Amy’s Cicina
Address: 131-1 Kenting Road Hengchun Town Ping Tung Hsieng
Phone: (08)886-1977 . (08)886-1940


We learnt 3 interesting thing about Taiwan’s McDonald:

  1. Unlike in Singapore, their breakfast menu ends at 10.30AM!!!!
  2. When ordering fillet o fish burger / meal, remember to call it 麦香鱼, not 鱼柳包. Either that, or perhaps we are the only ones who order it that way. hahahaha
  3. They had the “Rock一下” meal during our visit! It was pretty cool. The meal included drinks, fries and two small burgers; and the burgers came in one black, one white. Yes, you read correctly. The black burger had a beef patty and the white one had a chicken patty. So you can have best of both worlds :3
Black and White Burgers!
Black and White Burgers!



During the trip, we discovered some lovely snacks in the convenient stores and we would love to recommend them to you!

Dark Choc!
#1 Dark Choc!
#2 Almond Choc!
#2 Almond Choc!


The biggest boo we are going to give (and it is not their fault) is the non-existence of MILO!!!

Milo! Why you no with me!
Milo! Why you no with me!

If you are a milo fan, please remember to pack your own little premix milo packets there. We hunted almost everywhere – convenient stores, fast food outlets, restaurants, vending machines, even 7-11!!! None to be found! Faith suffered from severe milo withdrawal symptoms, lol. Just saying :p


  1. Beware of stray dogs in Kenting. Faith believes they are mostly harmless, just looking for food. However, we cannot always be certain they would not go bonkers. Starvation can drive humans crazy, let alone a stray dog. If you have a really good heart, it is advisable to close one eye. Partially because they travel in packs and most of them look ill, infected. You know what we mean (: (Some news here… on outbreak of rabies… and human vaccine…)
  2. The locals in Kenting often generalise us as tourists from HongKong. This is because many Hong Kongers travel there for a vacation. Hm. Too bad we do not know Cantonese. If not, we could have disguised ourselves as Hong Kongers for 5 days D:
  3. When using escalator, keep RIGHT if you are not in a hurry. Unlike Singapore, their express lane is on the LEFT 😀
  4. Sunblock is a must. Enough said.
  5. Oh, a poncho too. In our opinion, umbrella is not as useful :3

That’s about what we have for this post. Please look out for our next and last post on attractions in Kenting! 😀

(Kenneth: By now, you would have noticed I really love food, good ones and interesting new concept ones as well. There could have been more, and we really might consider posting our adventure at Shilin Night Market, Taipei, Taiwan. Might. No promises hahaha! )

what's kenneth doing? o:
what’s kenneth doing? o:

With love & written by: Kenneth & Faith

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