Kenting, Taiwan – Getting there

**Updated: 18 April 2015 **

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Kenting, Taiwan by Money and Travel
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— Original Post below —

We have been there and returned! Everything went nearly as planned and we can personally vouch that this piece of information as stated here is as accurate as it could get (probably more detailed than most sources).

About time we post up a travel post.

We (my girl and I) have been planning for a trip in August. We initially wanted to head for Jeju, South Korea but reckon it might not be a good time due to transportation concerns. We decided to look for alternatives and something caught our eyes. We will explain why later. Anyway, this place is called Kenting.

Here’s a couple of maps to clarify things, for everyone and us. (Ken: Did I mention although I like to explore new places, I really don’t quite like the idea of not knowing where the hell I am?)

Counties in Taiwan

The first thing to know is that Kenting is in the PingTung County. If you happen to be looking for a more detailed map (like we were), you would want to look for PingTung Map, NOT Tainan Map. We bought ours at Ngee Ann City, Singapore – Kinokuniya Bookstore at SGD$9.90.

Kenting map
Pingtung County map at a glance

Kenting National Park is a national park located in the Hengchun Peninsula of Pingtung County, covering Hengchun, Checheng and Manzhou Townships. Even for a Mandarin speaking person from Singapore, that whole chunk seems confusing. Oh well, it is in Taiwan, at its most southern part.

Before we get onto the wows and attractions, let us systematically understand “How do we get to Kenting?”

[Here’s how we travelled :D]

1. Land yourself at Taipei, Taiwan. Somehow. Most people, including myself, does that by having ourselves air-dropped in through a pretty decent airline. Say its Taoyuan International Airport.

omg, this is actually 4-plus am in Taiwan :s

2. Transit to Taoyuan HSR via United Bus #705 (green coloured bus). It serves as a link between Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and Taoyuan HSR (High Speed Rail). You may find various bus companies at the basement of Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 1. Look out for Counter 2 to purchase United Bus #705’s ticket.

Fare: NT$30
Duration: 15~20 mins.

3. Objective is to get to Zuoying HSR. You may board the High Speed Rail at Taoyuan HSR or Taipei HSR.


HSR tickets
HSR tickets

The below infomation from Taoyuan HSR to Zuoying HSR:

Approximately NT$1330 – weekday standard reserved seating
Approximately NT$1490 – weekend standard reserved seating
(various prices can be located on their main website.)

Duration: 1 hour 36 mins ~ 2 hours. (They are really punctual ~!)

Attaching the map for clearer understanding.

Taiwan HSR map

4. Yay! We are now at Zuoying HSR (just to make sure we are on the same page.) Go to 2nd floor main hall near Exit 2 (on the left side of 7-11. Just so you know, the locals call 7-11 as Seven.) of HSR station – ticket counter. Purchase bus ticket for Kenting Speedy Arrival Bus (bus no. 9189). This bus is the fastest way to get to Kenting. There are only 8 stops, and they do not stop over at train stations.


To be exact, this is the route.

Zuoying HSR Station (MRT R16) – Dapeng Bay – Fangliao – Checheng – Baoli – Hengchun – Nanwan – Kenting (Xiaowan)

Fare: NT$383 per way
Duration: minimally 2 hours (Advice: Remember to empty your bladder before boarding, hehe)

5. Congrats! Kenting!




Ways to travel around in Kenting

We had no riding nor driving license. Taking the bus was quite a chore for us too. Taxi may cost a bomb for us. You can hire a driver at about NT$3000 – NT$4000 for a day too, but nahhhh, that’s not fun enough for us. Hence, (no, we didn’t walk. lol) we went on their electric scooter which does not require license 😀

Here’s how we did it…

Have your passport or any identification documents with you. Approach any bike rental outlet (Trust us, you won’t miss out the outlets xD). Simply tell them you do not have any license and they will guide you the rest. If you are riding this the first time, fret not. They will give you crash course for 5 – 10 minutes and off you go, wandering through the traffic jungle. Good luck! (Did you purchase your travel insurance? But then again… YOLO! hahahaha.)

Rate: NT$800 for 2 batteries (Tip: Inform them your route and seek advice accordingly because some routes may require more / less batteries. Also, don’t expect to race 100km/hr, hahahahaha :p)

Day 1 – Max speed 44 km/h
Day 2 - Max speed 28 km/h
Day 2 – Max speed 28 km/h

The roads in Taiwan are all left-hand drive. So you might want to take note of that, especially if you come from a right-hand drive country like us. In Kenting, there is the ‘rider’s’ lane, speed limit to 40km/h. It is advisable to take the lane unless you want the cars to come honking madly at you :p We would say half of their traffic lights are half working all the time, hahaha. So remember to keep your eyes open. Also, it can be very stressful when the night market comes alive. The pedestrians love to populate the lanes like they own it. Drive slow, steady and safe 😀

Of course, you may also cycle your way around to explore the attractions, we did see a few cyclists convoy over there.


Written by us: Kenneth & Faith, the lovers 😀


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