Review: PSU

Agree with me on this if you like to Public Speaking is one of the most important skills around no matter what your profession is. Yes?

Also agree with me

on this if you think like to present effectively and such that it increases your income.

As mentioned in the previous post, public speaking was ranked the #1 fear over death!
That is to say, most people would rather die, than go up the stage and speak!


What would it be like for you… if you can’t articulate your ideas effectively during your presentation?
What would it cost you? Would it be your idea? Your job? Or worst, jeopardizing your team and the people around you?

What would it be like for you… if you do not know how to pitch your idea – be it to potential customers, superiors, your company or, if you are a start-up business owner, your potential investors.

And what if all it takes is to be good at one skill only, which could potentially generate $10, 000 in a single hour or more.
Would it provide you a lifestyle that you desire? And maybe empowers you with the ability to impact other people’s life?

Would you also agree that, there is something in you that everyone else can learn and benefit from?
You have a special gift in you, a story that none else have – except you.


And you won’t receive any more gifts, until you share yours. If you do not share your gift with people, I would say you are selfish.

Now, think about it. You have that power to change someone else’s life. For all you know, someone out there is just waiting for your story. For your story could empower and uplift them, and serve as an inspiration. Do you have a crisis, a message, a lesson to teach and pass on?

Maybe… just maybe… all this while you were meant to shine. And perhaps you have been clamping down on your own potential this whole time. And your current state, is a result of your past actions. Maybe if we continue this way, it is not going to get better.

Today, I will be giving a few pointers on how you can do better when it comes to Public Speaking!

Before I begin, I would like to tell a short story. One about how I got started, and the challenges I went through. If you were with me back then, you would never believe how I was able to survive until now. Having said that, a story would make this post way too long. I will move on, and come back to this story in future posts.


In short, it was through dark times and my desire to break out of it, that got me into speaking and performing presentations. It was then I realize, presentations are no longer as what we thought when we were students. Public speaking could make a difference in having a deal closed or not. It could make a difference between success and failure. It could make a difference between leading an average life and a fulfilling one which reaches out and touch on people’s life.

And didn’t you come here to stand out? To learn more and position yourself to be above the average? To contribute back to the world in a positive manner?

I’ve just attended Andy Harrington’s Public Speaking University over the week (4-6 June 2013) at Resort Word Singapore and here’s my quick review on why you should be going for it as well.

Andy Harrington


Do a quick Google search on Andy Harrington and you would find out that he is The World’s Leading Public Speaking Expert. The authority that shared the same stage as famous and successful people like Sir Richard Branson, Anthony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki.

Anthony Robbins

And here I will do a short sharing with what I learnt from the man himself. However due to copyrights issue, I hope everyone understand that, there is no way I could post up his model here as well as give too much details. I will do my best though, so everyone benefits out of it.

In Andy’s Jet Set Speaker System, the entire subject of Public Speaking can be summed up into 4+1 portions.

  • Presentation
  • Structure
  • Engage
  • Get Paid
  • Promote Yourself

Engaging the presentation aspect, Andy Harrington developed a strategy called the “Stress Free Speaker System” in which you may present in a logical and stress-free manner. Using this strategy, you can expect to deliver a full presentation seamlessly without having to refer to any notes. You also learn how to get audience to be on your side!

The Structure aspect can be broken down into 3 various strategies

  1. Stay & Pay Positioning
  2. 4-Mat Formula
  3. Unique Branded Solution

This aspect teaches you how to position your presentation structure, and instantly establishes you as an authority in your field that people WANT to stay and listen to you! This aspect also teaches you how to develop your own unique product just like the top world class gurus do.

And this is what Andy has provided to us, and now, you.
(Please also note that in publishing this post, I am undertaking a very huge risk in contribution to the greater good. Let’s hope I am well outside of any legal implications. These systems have been trademarked as Andy’s prized intellectual property. Simply because – they work. Effectively.)

Having said that, Andy gave away a full collection of his virtual product that comprises of videos and audios to train you into a world-class public speaker. That collection was worth thousands of dollars in total and it was given to a volunteer on stage.

(Life rewards action takers, isn’t it?)

Breakthrough to the life you deserve by Andy Harrington


How I wished I was the volunteer that went up the stage! What a blessing!

And there’s more. Andy even moved into details like how to hold your stance as a powerful speaker, be it male or female. He also pointed out the various mistakes made by common presenters.

Ok. Here’s the thing, as much as I really like to go on – I’m faced with an emergency now. Gotta go. So I’m going to cut short here. Not gimmick or whatsoever, my girl’s sick – and my girl is one of the most important reason why I am fighting on, no matter what. This is genuine, so anyway, here’s it.

I want you – who is reading so far, check this out. If you like it, maybe you could make a purchase. Till then.