What does it takes?

Not to be a cheesy salesperson over here, but as I got onto the entrepreneurial path, my peripheral vision changed. I no longer view things at large like ordinary people, as to how they talk about politics, about how they get involved within their own social group etc. Rather, my peripheral vision went up to a bird’s eye view. How people do things could affect the entire population and planet earth as a whole, and how can we help contribute for the better.

How have your presence on this earth contributed for the better? What makes it different, now that you are here?
How have your presence on this earth contributed for the better?
What makes it different, now that you are here?

Sir Richard Branson said something at the NAC Singapore 2013 that really resonated with me. He said he had a drug commission made up of past presidents, ex-CEOs and that sort of – to help the drug addicts. He also said if he sees the drug problem as an illness instead of a crime, then the approach would be very different. I said, WOW what a man!

Hence, my respect for successful people went up. We would want to model after people who have been there, done that. People who are successful after so many years of trials and experience. And that goes into how my tunnel vision narrowed down into one particular aspect – Success.


Imagine you are attending your death ceremony today – as a spirit. What would others say of you? And you, lying in the deathbed, what would you have thought of about your life?

Someone once said, live a life such that if anyone spoken bad about you – no one would believe it.

Much as it seem reasonable and logical, my definition of life didn’t merely depended on that. In fact, very early in my entrepreneurial days I learnt –

What others think of you is none of your business.

And of course, if others ain’t talking about you yet, you haven’t done quite enough.

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My definition of life – is to live a life without regrets, to be the best that I could possibly be and that is to attempt at the least. Do it, or die trying. And so, even if I died while trying, I would have known – at least I gave my very best in this life. Would that be a life worth living? Yes.

My life has already been awesome. Not that I was raised from a silver spoon, in fact I had many tough rides as a growing child and like many others, I was a rebel during my teens (still am now, and of course being a rebel caused many problems for everyone and myself). I wouldn’t go into details about my life now, but rather touch on what’s been going on currently that makes my life worth living and worth fighting for.

I found my soulmate. That speaks nearly just about it.


When you are seconds away from death – who is the first you thought about? Who would you have wanted to leave your final 5 seconds worth of message to? I am very fortunate, that answer came up early. And she’s a beauty – outside and inside. A woman of character, a woman I adore and love. (Did I mention she’s so cute she melts me totally?)

I found more reasons (I had more, will state more in future posts) to give my best. What about you?

I want to give the best to my one and only soulmate, my love. Our one and only wedding, shall be of no means – average, none of that sort. Our home shall be by no means – average. Our life together shall be by no means – average. You and I, and my love’s…

We were all meant to shine…

Rather than me quoting… I’ll add this video in – as a gift to all reading this. You didn’t read this by accident nor by chance.

I am personally recommending this for a start – I have witnessed and bear testimony to Andy Harrington’s prowess. This guy is seriously good. Get it here today. Not for me. Not for him.

For yourself. Your life. Here.