Importance of Public Speaking


As we all know, public speaking is known to be the #1 fear in most people. Over death.

Yes. Which means most people would rather DIE,  than speak on the stage! If you chance upon this site and the content here captures you, chances are – you are interested in travelling around the world -or- learning more about finances.

This post would be talking about importance of public speaking:

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we know that it is never just about sales talk and sales pitching.
If you are a start-up business owner, an entrepreneur – you would need to pitch effectively to your investors, and venture capitalists if you choose to. (Remind me to post up the growth chart from zero to hero.)


If you are a sales executive, manager or sales director, chances are – you need to sell to your potential clients, be it one to one, or a group presentation to the senior management in a company. We all admire how Steve Jobs manage to sell to the world and hold them in epic fixation, didn’t we? How can we have a higher conversion to sales ratio? Would that make you more valuable and give you a skill that will guarantee you to put money into your pocket, no matter where you are, what you are doing?

Steve Jobs

If you are lecturer, and professor in institutions? Remember what we did as students whenever the teacher isn’t a single bit engaging at all ?

If you are an established business owner, or a team manager, would you want to deliver the best presentation and speech you could ever possibly do? Will it increase effectiveness, productivity and clarity? Will it hence also produce results in your team or company, and thereafter increase your income?

If you are an employee, do you want to learn – what it takes to be outstanding? Be a voice that your superior want to hear, and be the leading front which your colleagues trust and bear true confidence in you?

If you are a trainer, professional speaker, a motivational speaker – do you want to establish instant authority, garner instant credibility and establish a presence that actively and effectively engages your audience?

Businessman Smiling and Pointing - Isolated

And if you are a student… would you like to have what it takes to be a Grade A model student? Someone who stands above the crowd and make your voice heard – acknowledged and recognized? How do you establish yourself such that your professor acknowledges your presentation and considers it seriously, or would you rather they dismiss it away just like one of the thousands of presentations they encountered over the years? And how would you like if your fellow students buy your presentation and supports you like you are a rockstar?

Public speaking is an indispensable skill that most people need – but are never good at it. It is one skill that can fetch you millions of dollars, just by this one skill alone.


The program that I am attending will be conducted by Andy Harrington – founder of Public Speaking University, an accredited speaker that garnered recognition from the top speakers in the entire world. I had the privilege of  hearing Andy speak during The National Achiever’s Congress Singapore 2013. He instantly won over the entire 5,000-strong crowd of entrepreneurs and business owners, simply because whatever he is teaching works.


Andy Harrington brought up two volunteers from the audience and changed them on the spot, right in front of everyone, and the results are evident. That was an understatement. The results WERE SUPER-EFFECTIVE!

Today, I present to you guys what I have managed to lay my hands on during the NAC 2013 – here. Inside also contains limited time only special bonus! I would strongly recommend you to get it right away. And if you think it is just about speaking skills that’s all, wrong! A lot emphasis is also placed at your body posture, how do you literally position yourself in power?


What if all these investments fetch you more than just thousands and hundred thousands, in a much shorter time compared to your own running-about-knocking-into-walls? And how many chances do you have to make a first impression? One chance. That’s it. Take action today!

Completely excited about this, will share more once I get back from the Public Speaking University!