Secrets to Cheaper Flights (than usual)


1. Book 6 weeks before departure date.

On a single flight, there are usually up to 50 different prices, dishing out to various programs, travel agents, booking sites and affiliates. 6 weeks before your intended departure date and flight usually has one of the lowest flight dips throughout. Plan your holiday destination in advance!


2. Test the 24-hours rule

Check the price of the same flight that you have already booked – within the next 24 hours. If the price did drop, give the airline a phone call. Chances are, you should be able to cancel the flight and re-book without any penalty.

Having said that, Rovia (the travel booking engine that I am working with), has a technology called the RateShrinker, which actively tracks your flight fare automatically once booked. The moment there is a lower price on the exact same flight, it will cancel the flight on your behalf and re-book you on the exact same flight, same quality and then refund you the difference.

Super-Tuesday-A1Tittle3. Tuesday is the magic day

Many airlines launch fare sales on Tuesday, they would then email offers for the upcoming weekend to their emailing database. So if you buy your tickets on Monday, and your destination showed up the next day… Just get over it.

4. Take last minute trips

Airlines are known to cut prices when they cannot fill up the planes for the upcoming weekend trip. Having said that, take this tip with a pinch of salt, you will be taking quite a risk.


This website offers fare history graphs for domestic and international flight, allowing you to see if your flight tickets are heading in an upward or downward direction.

(More to come… I gotta go lol…)