Another Awesome Weekend

Before I go on showing yet another awesome weekend, I have a small announcement to make.

I have decided to exposed my story here, record my experiences and archive everything related about business, money and travel on this site. Would be giving more information about myself soon.

In any case, here’s an awesome weekend.

RTE May 2013

With my awesome team at the Regional Training Event (RTE) in Singapore 2013. Everyone’s excited about this company, everyone’s excited about this event! Guess what, this was taken on an early Saturday morning, 18 May 2013. Everyone looked like they are ready to rock the world!

RTE May 2013-2

To the left of this picture is Yusheng (Ace) and to the right is Pei Kai. There we go, the pioneers of Singapore’s Cashflow Warriors Ratpack team. You should be here!

RTE May 2013-3

Look at this amount of people rocking Asia! This is just Singapore. And if you look carefully into the maps and statistics, we have over 3.5 billion people that have completely not heard about WorldVentures yet! (3.5 billion people refers to the number of people in Asia alone.)

Like I said, this concept is spreading like wildfire around the world.

Didn’t fought for the opportunity to have a picture with Eric Allen (yet!) but I’ve managed to obtain a video of Cynthia Koh’s speech as well as a picture with Alaric Tay. Will be uploading the video soon enough. Meanwhile, here’s the ultra-dynamic actor – Alaric Tay.

Alaric Tay RTE May 2013

More to come!