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The weekend just ended with a mega blast! I had to privilege to listen to so many world-class speakers talk about their individual specialized areas – many of which made them some of the richest people around the world.

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The main highlight of the 3-days National Achiever’s Congress 2013 was Sir Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group. He has been one of my main idols to model and learn from. Hearing him speak live and answer questions had only remarkably increased my admiration and respect for this man.


Not only has he addressed his learning takeaways from the entrepreneurial path, he also addressed topics on the future, humanity as a whole and how the world could be a better place for all. His direction and vision is aligned to mine, which is garnering the abilities of capable men and work on having a better place here on Earth together! He also said that such responsibilities does not merely lie with government bodies and law enforcers, or social workers, but rather business owners can play an important role as well.


My personal opinion on Sir Richard Branson – this man is not only fun and crazy, he is smart, kind-hearted, compassionate and has a great heart from within. His nett worth is about 8 billion, not the richest, compared to Bill Gates but his heart has won me over, and I strongly believed that this incredible man has won millions of hearts around the world as well.

Thank you Success Resources for making it possible for us to witness this great man in person! And I look forward to be personally associated with Sir Richard Branson someday. Meanwhile, I will be working hard to surpass him as my role model. On behalf of mankind, thank you Sir Richard Branson. Thank you thank you thank you.

The following slideshow contains some of my pictures with successful people and millionaires:

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They say if you want to drive a car, learn from a driving instructor, not a plumber, not a gardener.
If you like to fly a plane, learn from the best pilot.

If you want to be rich and successful, learn from the rich and successful people who has already been there done that.

I pick wisely on who I learn from, model from. I pick wisely on whose advice I let into my head and I choose wisely which information and comments I let into my head. It is only right that we demand the best for ourselves, of which I demand only positive, successful people and people whom want to learn – to walk into my life.

Some people in the slideshow are:

Krish Dhanam – Speaker, Trainer and Consultant, Global Ambassador Ziglar Group of Companies

Jerome Tan – Singapore local self-made millionaire and real estate guru.

Shush Arya & Peter Powderham – Top leaders in the UK Market

Darren Lim – Singapore Local Pioneer Artiste

Cynthia Koh – Singapore Local Pioneer Artiste

** I will be posting more of my learnings here, so stay tuned!