Phuket Island, Thailand



Known as Thailand’s largest island, it is located at Southern Thailand, measuring about 48 KM in length, 21 KM wide. Just as the typical tropical Asian climate, it is hot and humid all year round varying between 25 deg C to 33 deg C. Phuket is one of the hot favorite travel destinations in Asia, and in the land of thousand smiles, it is sometimes known to be the island you have to be at for some fun and chilling sessions.



Activities include sea sports (or rather sea fun) such as Kite Boarding, Parasailing, Snorkelling, Diving, Yatching and many more sea activities such as jetskiing, banana boat, and of course not forgetting to mention the wonderful beach activities. 😉

Personally, I tried many of these as a young kid, at age 9 or so. I remember the thrill of going up in the air for Parasailing, that probably was one of the best childhood experience. Thank you to my family!



And diving, whether you are completely new to it, or some experienced guys – it’s still a very nice experience. Kick-ass Asian holiday? This is it.

Anyway, you might want to fly into Phuket International Airport. That should be the most straightforward method to get into Phuket, unless you’re coming from other places and just stopping by to visit Phuket, you might have to do a little research on other methods. You might want to consider doing a little of island hopping when you’re in Thailand. I believe there are options like that around, where you can get onto a speedboat and travel around the islands.

Here’s the map for you folks out there, explore and have fun!