What is Financial Freedom?


This topic being subjective to each individual, is nearly as evasive and controversial than some of the most outrageous “phenomenon” around. Is there such thing as financial freedom? Does it exists? Many spoke of it, yet how many achieved?

I for one, encountered a number of personal friends whom have already attained their financial freedom.


———————- What is Financial Freedom? ———————-

I wouldn’t be too surprised if most people (up to 80% of the global population), don’t know what is financial freedom, or heck, has never even encountered this two words before!

I suppose some of the people in the following list would have known this term – financial freedom:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Big business owners
  • Investors
  • Accountants
  • Seminar junkies
  • Readers of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and the rest of Robert Kiyosaki’s books
  • Cashflow game players
  • The go-getters and the Big Dreamers, yet Action-Takers.
  • People who has this burning desire for success
  • People who has this burning desire for tons of great fortune
  • People who wants more time for themselves.
  • People who break the rules and live the dream of their life

If this title catches your attention, there’s a high chance you might be one of them. For that, congratulations.

Now according to that list, notice why I wouldn’t be surprised if up to 80% of the global population would have never knew What is Financial Freedom. I wouldn’t be going into the details as to why its 1% rich, 99% average, shall leave it for some other day.

Today I will just give it in a very straight forward manner. Something that I have learnt through cashflow games and through my experience as a Cashflow game leader:

Financial Freedom = Passive Income > Expenses

Just remember this formula and note that Passive income does not equate to Income or Total Income. We will touch on Passive Income some other day as well.

Meanwhile… how far are you from your Financial Freedom? You know your expenses. You can calculate. I am not too far away. What about you?

(If you know what is financial freedom is to you already… is it important to you? If yes, why so?)

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Some answers might be selected specially to be featured in future posts!

Catch y’all soon. Peace out.